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Campaign Overview

Category: Home Furnishing / Appliances
Budget: Ave spend on Display = R25 000.00 – R30 000.00

Our client in the Home Furnishing and Appliances industry only advertises online and their requirements called for an increase in overall brand awareness in order to raise their profile and effectively compete with established industry leaders, such as Rochester, Weylandts, Cielo Lifestyle, and Furniture Warehouse. As a logical consequence, the campaign strategy therefore had to lead to an increase in the overall conversion rate, while the cost per acquisition had to be managed more effectively, so that they could ultimately receive a significantly higher return on ad spend (ROAS).

Another goal was to increase awareness of our client’s brand as a whole, as well as to effectively link their Google Display and Search advertising with certain promotional products every month. Our client has a diverse variety of shoppers, and while these shoppers’ needs might be broadly similar, they do not all visit the store and use the online shop for exactly the same reasons.


Brand Awareness
Increase overall brand awareness and top-of-mind recall.
Mobile Users
Increase converting mobile users.
Increase Conversions
Increase the amount of leads while reducing the cost per conversion.


Planning and Strategy

Below are some of the main goals of the campaign:

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Increase overall conversions from online advertising.
  • Reduce the average cost per lead.
  • Bring new advertising avenues into play and suggest creative new ways to reach customers.
  • Justify why online marketing is still the recommended method of advertising.
  • Dominate the online industry through top-of-mind recall.
  • Increase the total number of mobile users converting and engaging with the brand.


After ten months, we observed significantly improved statistics in all the important areas. Not only were the client’s goals reached, but we far exceeded the initial expectations set during the planning and strategising phases. The crucial decision to plan and implement a unique new Google Display campaign from the outset led to more investment, as well as revenue, from the campaign itself.


Increased traffic from Google Display Network.


Reduced Cost Per Click across all campaigns.


Increased Leads from Google Display.


Reduced cost per conversion on Google Display.

More Stats
Decreased Bounce Rate
The overall bounce rate was reduced by 44,35% through aggressive implementation of Google Display targeting. This, in turn, lead to an increase in the number of unique visitors to the website, thereby very successfully meeting one of the client’s most important goals.
Reduction in Cost per Conversion
More focus was placed on Google Display campaigns, where we observed an increase in the overall number of conversions. As a result we also observed a decrease in the average cost per conversion, allowing us to generate significantly more leads for the client.
Direct Traffic Increase
With the increase in overall brand awareness, combined with the strategic targeting of a more specified audience, we observed a commensurate 7% increase in direct traffic to the website.
Mobile User Growth and Conversions
With a mobile-minded approach in our targeting, the implementation of various Google Display campaigns allowed us to focus on apps and other mobiles sites on the GDN. As a result we observed and increase of over 118% in mobile users and 300% in overall goal completions from mobile devices.

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Last modified: 10th July 2019

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