Are you getting the most out of your Google Ads budget? Globally, up to 20% of ad clicks result from click fraud. While you may be getting clicks on your ads, they are not generating a return and are actually costing you money. At iLEAD et al we believe in showing you the highest return on investment and implementing click fraud prevention software is just one way that we can achieve this.


ClickCease is a click fraud prevention software that automatically sends fraudulent IPs to your Google Ads exclusion list in real-time, ensuring that no damage is done to your ad budget.

How you benefit from ClickCease.

Save money 24/7

ClickCease protects you from wasting your budget on clicks from those that want to harm your business. You can save money 24/7 with this automatic click fraud protection software.

Outsmart competitors

Beat your competition by keeping a close eye on who is bidding on your keywords with new competitor notifications and what their ad copy looks like by tracking their daily position.

Improve your ads

You can replay users’ fresh mouse flow recordings on your site allowing you to identify their pain points and improving their user experience. ClickCease algorithms use this data for click fraud detection.

Customise click fraud filtering

All businesses are unique, and click fraud is too. ClickCease’s custom features provide a higher level of click fraud filtering, including geo targeting, device detection, custom thresholds, and more.

Get insights

You can view the details of every click and monitor your campaign health by accessing your robust click fraud reporting dashboard. You can get details on browser, time, device, location, ISP, keyword and more.

Get refunds

Submitting a Google Ads refund can be a complex process. Our support agents will assist you in filing a request to Google if you are eligible for it.
Protect your marketing efforts – no more money-wasting. Ask us about ClickCease.
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