WRAP – For effortless user engagement.

Stop developing and start engaging.

Developing an app can be complicated. Marketers and decision-makers must deal with development topics, imperfect information, and those dreaded software updates.

The best solution to avoid tedious app developing is a WRAP. A WRAP is a direct marketing solution which allows you to tell a story, create an interactive mobile environment, or sell products right in the messaging feed. All with no development, no waiting, no high costs, and no downloads required.


Using mobile engagement technology, WRAP helps you strengthen your customer relationships and improve experiences while driving your bottom line. Amplify your marketing, sales and service by creating mobile moments that matter.

A WRAP is the perfect solution.

A WRAP is the ideal option for you if you want:

  • To drive engagement and sales, by, for one, driving calls-to-action, such as calls, registrations, diary management, sales, and more
  • To collect data, which a WRAP uses to create a seamless mobile user journey with valuable touch points, by using consumer behaviour and a data-driven approach
  • A cost-effective solution that can be adapted to your needs
  • To offer an evolutionary and immersive experience where you can convey information in easy-to-consume, bite-sized chunks through personalised messaging
  • To increase shareability, as it can be delivered via SMS, email marketing, QR codes or even used as a landing page for a campaign
  • To provide resources, including pdf downloads, videos, personal and unique information, and more

Why use WRAP?

  • It requires no development experience
  • It is customisable
  • It is cost effective
  • It is measurable
  • It integrates with other software and tech
  • It allows for live optimisation based on performance

A WRAP is:









Why you should WRAP it.

1. It’s always in reach

The average smartphone user looks at their phone 150 times a day. A WRAP can act as your digital connection to your audience, providing timely updates and relevant information.

2. Tap into a massive audience

With close to 25 million mobile users in South Africa, it’s now more important than ever to creatively engage with your audience.

3. Utilise expertise and optimisation tools to make the most of each micro-moment

With a powerful content-delivery experience, you can create a story or extend your brand’s presence. WRAP fits and can integrate seamlessly into your marketing funnel.

4. Improve your guest experience and ROI with custom features

Engage and connect with your audience pre-, during and post-event with RSVP capabilities, ticketing, real-time updates, diary management and announcements.

5. Deliver top-quality service wherever, whenever

WRAP allows you to share resources and information in a format which is easy to consume.

6. Enable engagement and sales

Engage with your consumers after they leave the store. In addition, allow your team to deliver customised and well-executed collateral that can be shared effortlessly via mobile.

7. Display your content the way it's supposed to be seen

With WRAP’s content creating solutions, we can easily create and share your vision and solution in the way it was intended, ensuring action-driven content.
Contact us to create an authentic experience with a WRAP today, through an integrated approach of understanding human behaviour, communication and mobile technology.
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