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Campaign Overview

Category: Healthcare Services
Budget: R4550.00 p/m

Since our client in the Healthcare industry is such a dynamic brand in an ever-evolving and very competitive market, we considered many innovative new strategies to keep them ahead of their competition and help them dominate their market segment online.

Our client officially joined us in mid-July 2016. We immediately set about designing a tailored campaign to meet their business goals.

A lot of emphasis was placed on the SEO strategy to ensure that we get the client to quickly start ranking for most of their keywords and to get them to rank for as many of the keywords as possible in the top positions on Google. This was imperative to increase organic traffic to the website.

We worked with our copywriting team to ensure that the SEO content is of high quality and relevant to our client’s audience. We identified all competitors and adjusted our strategies accordingly, to ensure that our client’s organic listings on Google continued to grow.

We achieved great success with the campaign and helped their brand dominate their online market segment. The results exceeded their goals of gaining first-page positions for at least ten keywords during the campaign period.

We observed a clear increase in the number of keywords that improve their ranking, as well as an increase of 58% in the keywords that are now in the first position on Google South Africa (Google SA). In addition, an increase of 34% was recorded in the keywords that now rank on the first page of Google SA. We observed 70% and 59% increases in the keyword position and the number of keywords respectively on the first page of Google worldwide.

Another success story was the increase in organic traffic to the website. There were 3466 sessions to the website on 26 November 2016 and this increased to 6191 on 30 September 2017, a substantial improvement of 44%.

Finally, our SEO and organic search marketing efforts proved very successful and we observed a significant increase in number of conversions the client received from organic traffic. The conversions increased by 57% between 26 November 2016 and 30 September 2017.



Dominate Online – Increase overall presence on Google Organic Search Results and dominate the online marketing space.

Improve Rankings – Improve and increase Organic Rankings and Traffic to the website.

Increase Conversions – Increase the amount of leads and conversions from Organic Traffic.

Budget: R4550.00 p/m

Although the budget for the SEO and on-site optimisation is less than a third of what the client spends on other online marketing mediums, the organic search marketing was responsible for generating, on average, a full 45,7% of the traffic to the website between November 2016 and September 2017. From that traffic, 55,41% converted on the website.

The total budget of R4550.00 per month did not change during the campaign period, yet we observed a continued improvement in the overall statistics.

The budget for the SEO and organic search marketing is split in two, with a total SEO budget of R4550.00 per month. R2500.00 is allocated to on-site optimisation, to ensure that all codes and tags are loaded and that the content on the website is optimised. ZAR2050,00 is allocated to SEO copy, which constitutes a total of 2000 words per month, split into four articles.



When we consider the averages of the results for the specific period, it is evident there was a substantial increase in the overall rankings of the organic keywords.

Our client was ranking in the first position for 11 keywords during November 2016 on Google SA and for three keywords on Google worldwide. By the end of September 2017, the rankings improved by 58% for the keywords on Google SA and 70% for the keywords on Google worldwide, which now had 26 and 10 keywords in the first position respectively.

There was also an improvement in the number of keywords that increased their ranking to the first page of Google SA and Google worldwide.

Increased Organic Conversions – With our savvy SEO and on-site optimisation strategy, we increased the amount of organic traffic to the website. A great UX, with multiple call to actions ensured an increase in the number of conversions from organic traffic resulting in a 57% increase overall.

Increased Keyword Positioning – Additional emphasis was placed on getting more keywords to rank in the first position of Google’s Organic Search Results. Due to the SEO and on-site optimisation, we observed an increase of 58% which allowed our client to dominate listings and outrank competitors.

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