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iLEAD et al’s modular approach to strategy:

Innovation Leads to Effective Amplification of Digitally Enabled Technologies Accelerating your Leadership potential

Our strategic formula is based on our understanding of the dynamics of the broader digital landscape and markets. This, combined with our innovation, creative experimentation and meticulous strategy implementation are at the core of what we do to assist you, our client. Let us guide you to improve campaign performance and drive sustained growth.

Looking for a more efficient and effective way to achieve business growth?

The various benefits that we are able to provide our clients emerge from our experience of the broader digital media landscape and our understanding of ever-changing customer needs and shifting online behaviours. This data-inspired approach to propelling business growth is based on actionable insights that direct the creation of engaging content and precision-targeted media allocations. These actions are pivotal in achieving your desirable returns on investment.

We work closely together with our clients to determine the appropriate growth objectives, relevant KPI’s and all the necessary processes to deliver on your growth and performance targets at speed.

1. Audience insights – Grow your audience, grow your business!

Through our audience-first approach, we connect brands with their most valuable audiences.

By uncovering actionable insights about priority buyers and customers, we can help you identify the most valuable audience segments and equip you with tailored advertising programs to reach them effectively. This deep understanding of customer expectations is key to creating campaigns that are both relevant and meaningful, and allows us to reach and attract new customers while converting your most valuable customers into loyalists and brand advocates. This strategic approach to audience segments ensures you are maximising your efforts in achieving long-term advantages.

Call on iLEAD et al today to match and reach your ideal market potential!

2. Digital brand positioning – Establish strategic differentiation for your long-term success.

We apply the 6P method to create a meaningful brand purpose that has the power to connect you with your customers.


In a digital-first world, digital properties are a brand’s core touchpoints. Your website, YouTube channel, and app or e-commerce platform are your direct-to-consumer brand extensions through which your brand can engage with and delight customers. These platforms are best suited to build on your customer’s confidence in your brand. We can help you identify your sweet spot – a place where you can build emotional and long-lasting connections with your audiences… otherwise known as brand love.

Get in contact with iLEAD et al’s strategy team to establish your brand’s winning position!

3. Contextual and competitor analysis – The power of correct foresights

We keep our fingers on the pulse of the rapidly advancing digital marketing landscape and various technologies.

Understanding your competitive environment and key trends shaping customer expectations is central to any progressive marketing strategy, including one that enables you to uncover and overturn challenges, while leveraging and expanding your opportunities.

iLEAD et al will help you to outperform your competitors by providing you with the relevant and timeous insights to best support your brand position and sustain your long-term competitive advantage.

Call iLEAD et al to future-fit your business’s competitive advantage!

4. Digital channel strategy – Ensuring campaign effectiveness

We’ll guide you on how to best invest to achieve meaningful impact throughout your campaign.

Whether you need to build brand awareness, drive effective sign-ups or increase sales uptake, we can provide you with highly targeted and optimised channel and marketing mix strategies tailored according to your needs.

We work with Google Ads and Analytics to gain data-inspired actionable insights, and enrich them with targeted and customised marketing metrics to ensure your campaigns are within budget, and effective.

Contact iLEAD et al to find out how to reach, attract, engage and retain your customers effectively.

5. Content strategy – Show your customers you understand and care about them

Inspire trust in your brand and sustain customer interest with engaging content strategies.

At iLEAD et al, we know that the way businesses respond to the needs of their customers have a long-lasting impact on brand reputation and key customer relationships.

The core principle of our approach to content strategy is taking advantage of insights that we can generate through Google Insights highlighting how and what people search for in your respective industry. By ‘listening’ to how they search, we can uncover their needs and identify the various stages in their user journeys. Thus, empowered with real-data insights, we can craft and align content creation to your needs and passions.

Why should you choose iLEAD et al?

At iLEAD et al, we believe that strategy is a means to inspire and direct future actions that will create value and benefit everyone involved.


Through our modular approach, we deliver an insightful and distinctly unique value positioning for your business and to your customers. We can tailor your marketing campaigns to achieve favourable brand recognition, grow your market share and drive increased profits.


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