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iLEAD et al consists of dedicated teams with years of expert knowledge and experience in digital marketing. We pride ourselves in our ability to work across different industries and hand-pick a dedicated team based on your needs. We believe in treating our clients as partners with the understanding that everyone has a role to play in the success of any digital marketing strategy. For this reason, we ensure that our clients have a firm understanding of our Google Ads offering and how we implement best practices to benefit you and your business.


Google Ads is a platform used to advertise and grow your business, ensuring you reach users in various stages of their digital journey to be able to find you. Google Ads offers a range of campaign types across various channels that we explore to reach your advertising goals.

Search campaigns

Reach your customers when it matters the most – whenever they search for you, the services you offer or even your competitors. Search is the best way to meet all your advertising goals including brand awareness, lead generation and sales.

Shopping campaigns

If sales and revenue is your main goal, then Shopping is the way to go. This platform is ideal to get your products in front of any potential customers. *Please note that Google Shopping Campaigns are being replaced by Performance Max campaigns.

YouTube campaigns

As the world’s second-largest search engine and with millions of video content consumed each day, it only makes sense to expand your reach beyond Google. YouTube offers a variety of campaign types and audience selections to ensure you reach your customers at the right time and with the right message.

Local campaigns

Having an online presence is fantastic, yet we realise that some businesses also rely on walk-in customers and, of course, their store. These campaigns provide the perfect opportunity to reach customers in your immediate vicinity and to motivate them to visit your location.

Display campaigns

Assist in reaching users by means of visually engaging ads while they are browsing the Internet. The Google Display Network contains millions of websites and apps and a variety of targeting options which allow you to refine the specific audiences you want to show your ads to.

Discovery campaigns

Reach users through visually engaging ads while they browse YouTube, Gmail and Discover. Similar to Display Campaigns, we tailor specific audiences to first see these ads and ensure the right message is shown to the right user.

App campaigns

You have created an amazing app, now you need to get users to download it and use it. An App Campaign is exactly what you need to advertise your app across Google and YouTube properties. This campaign requires minimal input while you enjoy maximum results.

While it is important to understand the various campaign types, it is also good to know that, on top of these campaigns, various other layers are also available to further assist with your specific goals. Further to this, we can choose to use one layer to reach broadly, or a combination of layers to reach a specific or even more niche audience. Some of these additional features include:

Specific audience targeting

There are numerous targeting options available, and these options are found across most of the campaign types mentioned above. Audiences are carefully explained to you and chosen based on your specific goals. While we’re able to choose from various broad audiences, we can also refine them to create a niche audience. Here are some examples:
  • Remarketing: Target users who have visited your website or interacted with you on YouTube.
  • In Market: Target users who show an intent to purchase products within a category or a service you offer.
  • Affinity: Target users who have an interest in something that relates to your product or service.
  • Topic: Target websites with content related to your product or service.
  • Your own customers: Target messages specifically to users who are already in your database.

Demographic targeting

For most campaigns, we have the option to include or exclude certain demographics, such as age or gender.

Time schedules

Ensure you reach your customers when you know they will be searching. With ad scheduling, we see to it that scheduling is applied to the best interest of your business.

Location targeting

Reach your customers where they are. We can target anywhere in the world or within a 5km radius of your location – whatever options suit you best!

Google premier partner.

It does not stop here. Google Ads is constantly innovating and improving, and as a Google Premier Partner, iLEAD et al has built close relationships with Google Ads teams. This relationship means that we are kept in the loop with planned updates and can therefore inform our clients in advance!


Let’s explore the campaign options to understand how you will benefit from using them.

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