Search campaigns.

Did you know that over 40 000 queries are globally conducted every second on Google? This alone should be a good enough reason to realise that your business needs to show up when users are actively searching for the services or products that you offer.


Search ads appear on Google’s search results page and can also be extended to show on Google’s Search Partner Network, which includes Google Maps and YouTube Search, and other partner sites and apps.


Using search campaigns, we ensure that your business is shown for queries that are highly relevant to your business. This guarantees targeted advertising and relevant traffic to your website.

The beauty is in the details.

Yes, we will show your ads to users who type in queries related to your business, but there are other strategies that can also be followed on Search, and each of these have a different objective. Some examples include:

Brand protection:

If you type your business’s name into Google, do you see other companies appearing in the Google ad results? If you do, you might be losing potential customers to your competitors. This can be easily rectified by creating a campaign for your own brand.

Returning customers or customers who heard about you:

Some users have a habit of using Google Search to source those companies they’re familiar with, have used before, heard about from a friend, or perhaps caught a glimpse of on a billboard. As with brand protection, if you do not appear in searches but your competitor does, you might lose out on potential customers.

Solution-based terms:

More and more users type questions into Google Search, not necessarily knowing what the service or product is that they need to solve their problem. This type of query usage expands your reach beyond your direct marketing.
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