Digital audits.

Not knowing how each element in your online marketing presence adds its weight to increase brand awareness, drive sales, improve customer relations and provide for a positive user experience means you are flying blind, basically a hit-in-the-dark strategy! Why waste valuable money and time?


With professional digital audits, you have experts conducting the necessary investigations. We use sophisticated tools to analyse how well your digital marketing strategy incorporates best practices. We then present the audit results in clear and understandable terms.

What digital audits tell you

The Internet is a dynamic playground. Think of how mobile has developed over the years. Google algorithms have evolved and so have online user behaviour. Your tactics may no longer work to get visitors and may even hurt your organic search rankings.

SEO and website audits:

Reports from the auditing process will show you:

  • If your SEO strategy falls short
  • Why your site doesn’t rank well
  • What causes high bounce rates
  • What lies at the root of low conversion rates
  • Why your site’s load speed is lagging
Aspects that affect organic rankings include site load speed, responsiveness, authoritativeness of your content, level of user engagement, mobile friendliness and ease of navigation.

Google ads campaign audits.

Reports from the auditing process will show you:

  • You are wasting your budget on irrelevant search terms
  • You are not targeting the correct locations
  • You are paying too much per click
  • Your account structure is incorrect
  • Your campaign could be driving more leads
  • Conversion tracking is set up correctly
  • You are missing out on potential target audiences

Do you receive the best possible return on your investment? Do you still live in the silo age where each marketing channel is operated separately? If so, change is imminent, and our digital audits will reveal the shortcomings and strengths of your online presence.


You want an honest, objective and scientific assessment that considers how each component works together. Meet the experts at iLEAD et al. We have performed hundreds of digital audits, using the best tools for the job.

Why choose us as your digital consulting partner?

We analyse your overall presence, each of the elements involved, budget and company goals. In line with these findings, we then develop a strategy that will pay off in the short and over the long term.


We build a solid plan based on true data. If you are not part of the online circle of winners, why not contact us today?

Here’s how we do it:

  • Assess your current digital strategy and its impact on performance
  • Create a winning strategy and constantly monitor it to determine its successes
  • Help you think big – the market is yours to take
  • Expand your perspective from just marketing for sales to that of building your brand online, increasing your market share and setting you up as an online leader in your industry
Ready to make the digital world work for you? Then get in touch, and together we’ll open the doors to your digital success.
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Your privacy is important to us. By submitting your information, you agree to iLEAD et al's privacy policy, available by clicking here.*