Local campaigns.

Google’s Local Campaigns are aimed at growing your offline business and the main purpose of these campaigns is to drive customers to your venue – whether it is a store or walk-in service centre. Local Campaigns are exceptionally affordable, considering that that they promote your business across all Google’s properties, including the following:

Google search network

May appear when queries match your business and location

Google maps

May appear when businesses like yours are being searched in the area


May appear where customers are likely to engage

Google display network

May appear if customer intent matches your offering
With Local Campaigns, we link your Google My Business profile to Google Ads and use this data to target the campaign. Google’s machine learning uses radius targeting to advertise to customers in that area. The radius that Google chooses depends on several factors, including the existence of competitors, the customer’s travel distance and population density.

How it works.

Local Campaigns incorporate several assets, which include creative images, logos, videos and text, all of which are aimed at creating visually appealing and interactive ads that drive the user to your location. The ad also showcases directions to your location, and an option to call the location or to visit the website. We measure conversions for Local Campaigns based on these interactions. In addition, if users convert on your website, we can show you if they did indeed click through to visit the website.

We can target all your locations in one campaign or separate each location into their own campaign, which allows for equal opportunity to each location. There are many benefits to separating your locations and the choice here depends on your objectives. Some benefits are:

  • You can run specific messages for different locations. A good example is if you have a promotion that only applies to a certain location or locations.
  • You can manage your budget allocation per location. Good examples here are:
  1. If you are a franchise and offer your franchisees the opportunity to invest in their locations. They may carry the expense for this service and they will get their own results.
  2. If you have many locations, you will find that denser areas monopolise the budget and don’t allow much visibility for the other locations.
  3. If you have specific locations that you want to give more attention to, you can allocate more budget to these locations.
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