App campaigns.

You have just built the most amazing app, now what? You need to ensure that your app is visible, downloaded, installed and used. Google’s App Campaign is the easiest campaign type, requiring the least maintenance and assets. At the same time, it is a highly engaging campaign aimed at delivering on your goals. With a single campaign, you can reach potential customers and promote your app across Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, Discover on Google Search, and the Google Display Network. In a nutshell, all Google’s Advertising platforms in one campaign! Although iOS is not a Google product, Apple apps can also be promoted through Google App Campaigns but do require additional settings for reporting.

It is so simple – all we need is access to the app, logos, images and a video (optional) and we can have you live within a few days.

App campaigns allow for two subtypes, depending on your goals:

App installs

As the name suggests, this campaign is used to drive installations of your app. Campaigns are optimised to target and focus on the most valuable users based on the actions you want to drive.

App engagement

If users have installed the app but are not using it, you can use push messages from the app, but you can also run an app engagement campaign. This allows you to advertise to those who already have your app. You can then take them to specific pages (deep links) within the app to increase engagement. An example would be a reminder to complete a purchase or notifications for new features.

If it’s that easy, why do I need
iLEAD et al?

Yes, it is easy to set up the campaign, but the proof comes in the results, and if you do not understand the results of the campaign then how will you measure its success? iLEAD et al has years of experience with managing app campaigns and we know how to measure results and improve on them. Although an app campaign performs really well on its own, we believe in enhancing your campaign through other channels as well to increase trust in your brand and ensure maximum visibility across all your available platforms.

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