Display campaigns.

Google’s Display Campaigns offer you the widest reach opportunities – whether you want to reach users at scale or speak to a certain niche audience.

Google display campaigns.

With Google Display Campaigns, you have the opportunity to showcase your business to anyone who uses the Internet. These ads are eligible to display on the largest network available, which includes millions of websites that allow Google to advertise on their websites, YouTube platforms, and apps.


Display Ads offer a visual way of interacting with your customers and can include a range of creative options:


Responsive ads:

These ads use a combination of images, logos, videos and text to visually showcase your ads. Because of their responsive nature, they can adapt to any size specifications on the Google Display Network. This means you only need one ad set with assets to allow for hundreds of combinations in various sizes. A report is also generated with information on the performance of each asset, which allows for easy assessments, quick changes, and faster A/B testing of messages.

Uploaded images:

With these ads, you can create a specific ad that will naturally match your CI perfectly. You can also create animated GIFs that allow for some movement in the ad itself. The downfall with this type of ad is that you would need to create an image for each of the available sizes and because they are not responsive, you are limited in the combinations in which they can be displayed.


If you are more advanced in your creative abilities, you can also upload HTML5 ad creatives, and they can include all the elements you choose to place in the ad, including interactive forms.
Display Campaigns can be used for any goal you select and can be great at conversions when done correctly. This campaign type is also perfect for creating brand awareness, product launches and staying top of mind with your customers.

What else is there?

As with most campaigns, you get to choose the audiences you’d like to target, and then choose what you want this audience to see. You may go as broad as you like, or refine your audience by combining various audience, topic and demographic layers. Further to this, you can choose creatives per audience. For example, you may want to offer a discount to a user who has visited your website without converting, or you may want to announce a new category range to an audience interested in that specific category. Your options are only as limited as your imagination, and budget.


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