YouTube Advertising.

Allow your brand to come alive and let creativity spark the interest of your customers. With YouTube Campaigns, you can showcase your brand to potential customers while they are watching one of the millions of videos available through YouTube on YouTube and Google Video Partners or if they search within YouTube.

YouTube Campaigns offer a range of ad types that you can utilise and, like other campaigns, you can choose the audiences you want to show your ads to. Besides your imagination, there really is almost no limit when it comes to your options in the video advertising space. We know that most businesses have one primary goal – sales – and you might wonder how exactly a platform, which is mostly known for brand awareness, will help you achieve this.

Why YouTube campaigns will work for you.

Let’s be transparent about this: the return you achieve on YouTube will not equal the return you achieve on intent-based campaign types, like Search or Shopping, but don’t forget one very important factor – users spend a lot of time researching their options before making an actual purchase or choosing a service provider, and, as the digital landscape increases, so does the volume of touch points. We strongly believe in an omni-channel approach for every business, which includes social media, search engine optimisation, Google Ad solutions and, yes, even offline advertising. Every touch point in the user’s journey to you matters and YouTube should definitely be one of them.


Although there are a large portion of users who consume videos unrelated to your business and who, for example, sit and watch music videos or happy animals, Google’s algorithms know what these users are also planning to buy and what their interests are. For this reason, we use audience targeting based on user behaviour. So, even if 10 people are watching the same video, Google will only display your ad to the one user who matches this targeting group. Another option is to show your ads on videos or channels that you know users watch when doing research on the service or product you provide. This and many more options are available to you.


What about the content?

Yes, creating video content, especially for smaller businesses seems daunting and you may think that you have to set up a show of close to an hour to have the best video out there. This is not the case. One of the best formats available on YouTube is a five-second ad showcasing the best of your brand. Even having one video is better than having none at all. That’s much easier, right? What’s more is that you can use your video assets across other campaign types and showcase them on your website and additional channels, stretching their reach even further!

Your video ad options.

These are the video ad options available to you:

Skippable in-stream ads:

These ads appear while users are watching another video and can be skipped after five seconds.


Non-skippable in-stream:

These ads show up while users are watching another video. They should be less than 15 seconds long and cannot be skipped.


Bumper ads:

These ads pop up while users are watching another video. They should be less than six seconds long, cannot be skipped and should be memorable to create maximum impact.


Video discovery ads:

These ads appear on YouTube and reach people in places where they’re discovering content.


Outstream ads:

These show up on websites and apps running on Google video partners and are only available on mobile and tablet devices.


One more thing:

You can also link your Shopping Feed to your YouTube ads to show your product range or specific products along with your ad.
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