Discovery campaigns.

Google Discovery Campaigns allow you to reach your customers across a range of Google networks, including Gmail, YouTube Home, YouTube Watch Next feeds and Google Discover. Combining these channels with an audience segmentation of your choice gives you the perfect opportunity to reach your ideal customers while they are browsing these platforms.

Discovery campaigns offer two ad types containing a selection of image creatives, logos and text:

Single image discovery ads

These allow you to insert a range of images and text which are then mixed and matched each time the ad is served. This ad type works well if you have a single message that you would like to get across.

Multi image carousel ads

With this type, you can create up to 10 carousel cards, each with an image, text, call out and landing page URL. This ad type works well if you want to showcase a product range or service offering.

Google then uses your assets and serves them in various sizes and combinations to your customers. After running for a certain period, we are provided with stats for each of the assets in the ad. Using this information, we can perform constant A/B testing and improve the creative elements as we go.


Discovery Campaigns use automated bidding options to reach conversion goals, which gives you the opportunity to maximise your conversions or your target cost per acquisition. We choose the goal and bidding based on your objectives.

What else is there?

As with other campaigns, you can choose the audiences you want to target and then choose what you want this audience to see. You may go as broad as you like or refine your audience by combining various audiences, topics and demographic layers. Further to this, you can choose creatives per audience. For example, you may want to offer a discount to a user who has visited your website without converting or you may want to announce a new category range to an audience interested in that category. Your options are only as limited as your imagination and budget.
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