The Importance of Having Experts Manage Your Google Ads Campaigns.

There seems to be little doubt that the future of marketing lies firmly in the realm of digital. While legacy media may never disappear completely, by its very nature (that is, as a means of mass communication), it will never reach the levels of finely grained targeting that online media can. Nor can legacy media allow for the degree of ad campaign performance analysis achievable via tools like Google Analytics.


If you take anything away from this article, it should be the idea that given the importance of the role digital already plays in your marketing mix, the correct management of Google Ads and other assets is now absolutely essential.


Leading the Way.


As a brand, Google has undoubtedly led the way in terms of developing the tools that give search engine marketing (SEM) the power it has to reach the audiences that matter the most to your business. Moreover, they have endeavoured to make their tools as easy as possible to use, thereby ensuring that they’re accessible to businesses of all sizes and budgets.


In this, Google has been truly exceptional.


Never Underestimate the Value of Expertise.


With that said, however, the tools are so powerful, and the competition for digital real-estate so tough, that it would be a grave error to think that Google Ads can be mastered, and used most effectively, by anyone simply willing to invest some time in learning the basics.


In an economy like ours, where every cent counts and money must go as far as possible, it pays to use Google Ad management professionals that have the skill set necessary to conduct thorough research into your brand, its market dynamics, the correct keyword choice, and the right bidding amounts and strategies given your aims and budget.


Additionally, the fact of the matter is that it takes a professional with significant amounts of experience to create an audience targeting strategy that’ll return the best results for your spend – which is always the end goal of any marketing campaign.


To further add to the list of woes for business owners flying solo in terms of their Google Ads management, getting all the above correct initially is only part of the process. This is because campaigns and their associated ad groups need to be closely monitored and tweaked to be optimised on an on-going basis.


Working Collaboratively.


Whereas it’s certainly true that a business usually has an exhaustive institutional knowledge of its product or services, translating this knowledge into a solid, revenue-generating online campaign is where an expert agency really comes to the fore.


In many ways, a good agency specialises not only in developing the necessary skills for Google Ads management, but also in finding ways to tap into a business’s inherent product/service knowledge to work collaboratively with the business; this, in turn, should then produce campaigns that maximise the utility of the various Google Ads offerings.


Another point to consider when deciding whether to use the services of an agency for Google Ads management is how your own in-house Google Ads manager would disrupt or negatively affect marketing operations should that person move employers.


This is to say that marketing operations could be impacted for the worse if a new PPC manager is less talented, experienced or dedicated than the individual s/he replaces. Agencies, by contrast, have developed systems that allow for smooth project/client handovers precisely because this problem has been recognised as central to the continuity of quality.


Google Premier Partners.


Not all agencies, however, are created equal and choosing the right one could be key to your business’s online marketing success. When considering your options, look for the agency that is trusted by Google enough to be recognised as a Google Premier Partner.


By using a Google Partner agency to manage your Google Ads, you are joining forces with a digital marketing expert. Becoming a Google Partner is no easy undertaking and can only be achieved by those most dedicated to their craft.


Google Partner agencies have undergone rigorous training programmes, and have subsequently demonstrated their expertise by passing Google Ads certification exams. Google Partners also stay completely up to date with the latest developments, best practices, and industry news.


Of course, ultimately, the proof is in the pudding. Top-tier agencies, like iLEAD et al, will be able to point to a long list of accomplishments and a reputation for producing impressive results on a consistent basis.


Partner with the Best.


As mentioned at the beginning of this post, if you take anything away from the article, it should be that the correct management of Google Ads and other assets is an absolute necessity in the current business landscape. The second takeaway is this: a Google Premier Partner like iLEAD et al should be your first choice in an agency. We have a track record that speaks for itself, and your digital marketing needs could hardly be in better hands.

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