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What is Your Post-Lockdown Digital Marketing Strategy for 2021?.

We will remember the year 2020 for many things, but it’s undoubtedly the worldwide pandemic and lockdown regulations that will stand out. If you had a set digital marketing strategy before, you would have realised that unforeseen events can turn even the best planned digital marketing strategy on its head.


Consumer behaviours have transformed. To cite just one example, online shopping gained tremendous momentum during the past few months. Consumers no longer fear the unknown because they’ve now had ample opportunities to order online. Chat support has become more important for those who previously hadn’t engaged in social media conversations, meaning that a new means of staying in the loop has opened up. Consumers have overnight turned into avid online users and any digital marketing strategy not taking the changed behaviours into consideration is bound to fall short in 2021.


With it being almost time to wave farewell to 2020, a year in which much of people’s time has been spent indoors, away from social hangouts, we need to consider the top trends in digital marketing strategy developments for 2021 in order to adapt to the changing habits and preferences of users.


Take Note of the Emerging Interest in New and Upcoming Social Media Platforms.


Social media engagement has grown considerably from the start of 2020. In many instances, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Telegram and WhatsApp were the only means people could stay in social contact. For many, YouTube videos replaced normal television programmes. For others, social media platforms became their news sources, while many more gathered opinions or advertised products for sale. Don’t expect people to leave these platforms behind in 2021. TikTok announced plans for expanding their advertising options, while Instagram Reels from Facebook will open new advertising opportunities.


Visually Attractive Web Pages Will Get More Traffic.


Web design will have to take into account the fact that users are no longer content with outdated design concepts. Although the 2020 trend of colour gradient, clean landing pages and stunning brand animations will continue, expect users to want more. They will expect web designs to move away from old-style static click options, to engaging ways to get to content. Video will play a huge role; but, consider the possibility that virtual reality will become huge in 2021. Simply put, it’s time to adopt a novel way of looking at your users.


Voice Search Will Keep Its Position in the Hype Section.


People are getting the hang of voice search. It also implies that optimisation must take voice search into consideration. How do you plan to make your site, social media presence and company brand one of the top performers for voice searches? If you haven’t given it a thought yet, get to work with our team to help you create a digital marketing strategy that’ll maximise the traffic generating potential of voice search.


Content Marketing is to Become Personal.


Digital marketing strategies that have focused on projects rather than building persona have worked perfectly well until now. However, many things have changed, and we can also expect a major shift towards content marketing focused on the customer. Content is set to become more personal and centred on the customer journey. This means more interaction with the customer instead of just feeding information. The perfect strategy will concentrate on the journey and how the company interacts with the customer.


Marketing is About to Take on a Conversational Character.


Up to now, limited success has been achieved with chat bots. Web users have perceived the bots as too limited and not worth engaging with. However, strides have been made with chat bots, and we can expect to see more micro interactions with the consumer. The tone of web copy is about to change from a formal, business-like tone to that of a conversation. The walls have been broken down and the time has come to treat customers as humans and not just readers. A large percentage of customers have indicated that they now engage with brands that create a personal relationship or feel with them. How does your current digital marketing strategy stack up?


Consumers No Longer Trust Promises of Data Privacy.


If personal information could be leaked through a credible credit bureau, then how can consumers still have trust in the safety and privacy promises of websites? It will become increasingly important to build trust with users regarding the safety and privacy of their payment and personal details.


In Conclusion.


Many more trends prevail, and several others have just emerged. Does it feel an impossible feat to keep up with the digital marketing trends? Fortunately, it’s our business to ensure your online strategy always hits home. Let us help you adapt, create, and execute a strategy for superb performance, sales conversions, and customer engagement in 2021.

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