Digital marketing training.

In a world where digital is king, are you confident in your marketing team’s ability to take part in the conversation? We provide a range of easy-to-understand digital marketing training options to upskill your team in all things digital marketing, from Google, SEO, Google Analytics and even social media marketing. Apart from our available workshop-based training modules, we can customise training to suit your needs.

Introduction to Google advertising.

If you need to upskill your team in Google Advertising and how it all works, this is the workshop for you! This basic introduction to Google Advertising will leave you with a workable knowledge of the platform and channels it comprises that aid in driving business growth. Get on top of the digital revolution and contact us today.

Introduction to Google display and YouTube video marketing.

Wondering what the buzz is all about? Make sure that your team can participate in the conversation by upskilling them on Google Display and YouTube Video Marketing, including the opportunities that exist within these channels. Get up to speed and contact us for more information today.

Google practical account training.

Looking for more in-depth and practical training on Google Ads? Consider this course, which provides practical knowledge and will leave you with the ability to set up your own basic ad account. Learn this valuable skill by contacting us today.

Need training not on this list?

We offer training options that are tailor-made for your needs. Please enquire with us for custom training requirements. We would be happy to assist in conducting training on custom requirements or source training from one of our trusted partners for you.
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