Digital copywriting.

Digital copywriting is the art of communicating in a way that interests your target reader and catches the attention of the search engines. It engages, sparks conversation and translates into action.

Appealing to customers and search engines alike.

Skilful digital copywriting incorporates the essential features to make a page stand out to search engines for all the right reasons. But search engines don’t buy, people do. That’s why the content and the way it is written must appeal to the reader.


Think of it as a skill that connects you with the reader. Thousands of kilometres can separate you from the reader, but it is as if you are having a sit-down conversation with them – almost as if you are old friends. You tell them something, they listen and respond.


It is about using the fewest words to say the most.

How we get to work.

Every page or social media post must earn its place in the crowded world of information. Through effective copywriting, you solve your potential customers’ queries by answering their questions. The words create anticipation, and you sell, without bombarding. By the time they have finished reading, they want to know more and are driven to action. But you also respect the reader’s time, and that’s why you scrap the fluff and get to the point.


First, you need to grab their attention, and for that you have less than seven seconds. Then, you must hold it, right to the end. In return for giving their valuable time, you provide them with information that they need. All the while, you do it to meet Google’s E-A-T requirements:




We position you as an industry expert

Long-form copy engages all the way through. A serious buyer reads if the information is relevant and stripped from frivolity. At the same time, the long copy has enough word length to include the right search keywords at strategic points for a search engine. It gives you sufficient time to position yourself as an expert with accurate information, build trust and meet your reader’s needs.


When the reader buys, they understand what it is that they buy.

We make your online content hit home with every keystroke

iLEAD et al has a professional team at your disposal. You are an expert in your field of interest. We have the digital copyeditors, search engine marketing specialists, copywriters and other creatives to make words bring your message to life. Together, we get your pages noticed and increase page conversion rates with digital copywriting that engages.


Partner with the iLEAD et al digital copywriting team to get your message across with quality search engine optimised copy that meets the readers where they are in the decision-making and buying process.

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