Google local campaigns.

Google Local Campaigns assist in driving information to prospective customers during their journey of contemplating which stores to visit. By feeding Google with text, budget and assets, Local Campaigns will assist users to find your business by showcasing your location on:

Google search network

Search terms are used to match to your ad, which is relevant to your business and searched location.

Google maps

Anyone who is located nearby or shows interest in your location may see your ad.


Ads are shown to users on YouTube, where they are most likely to reach and engage in-store customers.

Google display network

Google places your ad where it finds it to be most relevant to the user and drives attention to your location.

Google Local Campaigns assist in driving offline goals, like traffic to your store, bookings and/or purchases. Google uses what you feed it and combines it with its machine learning to optimally place your business in front of the user. The aim is to get the user to either visit your store, call you or request directions, whilst promoting your location across the Google properties and networks.


In addition, Google Local Campaigns can be used to target users in a specific radius around your location.


Getting the opportunity to “speak” directly to your ideal customer – be it online or offline – is rare. So, why not tap into these simple solutions today, to put yourself in front of these prospective customers? Get in touch with us to find out how.

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