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Content is everywhere. Take a moment to consider the vast omnipresence of copy in your world… Did you get up this morning and scroll through the news highlights or pick up a newspaper? Copy. Did you climb in your car and tune in to listen to a radio interview or podcast? Copy. Did you drive past billboards on your way to work? Copy. Did you come across a stack of reports on your desk? Copy. Did you prepare for that big presentation? Copy. Did you scan through the menu at your favourite lunchtime spot? Copy. Did you do a quick online search to find a list of plumbers to fix that leaky pipe at home? Copy! So, it only makes sense that you enlist copywriting services to ensure that you put your best foot forward in the world of content.


From its early start in the 1800s, copywriting services have been employed to encourage sales making it instrumental for businesses and brands, especially in today’s online, information-driven world.


What Copywriting Services Mean for Your Business


In business, quality copy is essential since it involves almost every aspect of your brand – from newsletters and emailers to web pages and social media and much more. Its role is to represent and communicate your brand from its inception to its growth, sharing your business’s unique narrative that connects you to your customers and inspires relationships and loyalty in your current customer base.


Great copy illustrates your brand’s values, ethos and identity resonating with an audience who is ready to sit up and take note. In fact, 74% of B2B content marketers state that the biggest contributing factor toward the success of their content marketing campaign is the value their content offers their readers.


Besides defining the customer’s relationship with your brand and creating meaningful encounters with your business through content, at its core, copy is meant to sell and is purpose-driven in its pursuit to convert audiences to customers and awareness to action.


As digital marketing expert, Neil Patel puts it: “Copywriting is precise, effective, and requires a lot of creative problem-solving. The features, benefits, and price of a product help determine whether a consumer is willing to convert. Copy is the way you communicate these aspects and your value to your potential customers.”


To further cement the value of copy in business, he goes on to share that 81% of women are less likely to buy a product if its advertisement contains spelling or grammar errors, while 77% of men share the sentiment.


Types of Copy to Boost Your Business


SEO copy – Establishes and maintains your presence on Google’s search results ensuring that you outrank your competitors in organic search. Great SEO copy can resonate effectively with both your audience and search engine algorithms and finding this balance is vital.


Email copy – Personalises your message for your current audiences delivering informative content straight to their inboxes and connecting with them on a more direct level. The key with email copy is to deliver a strong message regardless of the unusual presentation thereof.


Advertisement copy – Creates brand awareness and attracts potential customers. As a more traditional form of copywriting, advertising copy can be produced for both print and digital. The art in advertisement copy is knowing what your audience wants, understanding their pain points, and offering a potential solution to these.


Website copy – Communicates to and informs your audience of what your business, products or services are all about and persuades them to interact with your business. Website copy goes hand in hand with SEO copy and should complement one another to encourage increased performance online.


Social media copy – Engages with audiences in fresh and creative ways and effectively uses these platforms to attract, inform, promote, educate and establish your voice as an industry authority. In the sea of social media content, it is increasingly important to present your message in unique and interesting ways to stand out from the crowd.


These are only some of the types of copy that your new start-up will inevitably have to craft or that your current business is likely already compiling on the regular. Other types include brand, PR, thought leadership, technical copy and more.


Copywriting Services to Inspire Action in Your Audience  


If you are still at a loss for words, why not get in touch with iLEAD et al’s copy team? Let us masterfully craft your message starting with a consultation to determine your unique content needs, a content strategy and a bespoke content package that contains a wealth of words that will resonate in exactly the right way. Talk to us if you need copywriting services today! 

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