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Will your digital marketing strategy survive 2021?


After a tumultuous 2020, most of us were looking to the start of 2021 with new hope and vision for a year that will, at least to some extent, return to normal. Yet, many of last year’s issues streamed into the new year and now, halfway through, we’re still facing a range of challenges, maintaining our health and wellbeing remaining firmly in the forefront. On a more optimistic note, last year and the first half of this year have imprinted a range of life lessons on us, with being adaptable, agile and resilient arguably being the most important one.


This lesson is just as essential in business and marketing as it is in life. Due to the constant evolution of the digital age and the vast reliance on technology that has become our new normal, new digital marketing tools and technologies are always on the rise. In the world of digital marketing, keeping up with the rapidly changing digital landscape is an essential part of an excellent digital marketing strategy. Indeed, your digital marketing strategy has to be just as adaptable, agile and resilient as you are.


Now, you may find yourself questioning your existing digital marketing strategy’s relevance and effectiveness, or, worst of all, you may have no strategy to speak of and are traversing the overwhelming digital marketing landscape blindly. Let’s consider what it is and what it should do for your business.


What is a digital marketing strategy and what is it to your business?


A digital marketing strategy is your plan of action that consists of digital marketing campaigns, each curated with precision on a range of online marketing channels, to gear you toward specific, pre-determined goals that add value to your business. Digital marketing strategies are executed by performing regular actions at the right times on the relevant online channels to increase revenue, drive leads to your business, build a relationship with your client base, increase your business’s exposure, and much more.


Is your digital marketing strategy working for you?


Your digital marketing strategy is begging for a revamp if you answer “no” to most of these questions:


  • Do you have clearly defined goals for your digital marketing and are you keeping track of its success?
  • Is your digital marketing driving traffic to your business?
  • Are you seeing the ROI on your digital marketing efforts?
  • Are you using suitable online marketing channels to reach your ideal customers?
  • Are your digital marketing campaigns addressing your customers’ pain points?
  • Does your digital marketing show your customers what you can do and reassures them that you have the skills and knowledge to get the job done?
  • Are you targeting customers that need and are willing to pay for your product or service, and are you seeing conversions?
  • Are you repeatedly engaging with your customers through various marketing channels and are they engaging with you?
  • Are you making it as easy as possible for your customers to understand and relate to your product/service, brand and message?

If you can’t seem to get a grip on a winning digital marketing strategy that does your business justice, then it’s time to consider calling on the experts. A reputable digital marketing agency knows how to give your strategy the attention it needs so that you can get visible and measurable results.


How to achieve success in 2021 with a winning digital marketing strategy.


It’s time to make smart use of the last half of this year by tapping into a fresh digital marketing approach, or, if it’s not there already, showcasing your business online. Consider iLEAD et al to put together a winning digital marketing strategy for your business that will increase ROI, drive leads to your business and target a customer base that will guarantee conversions.


Let the iLEAD et al team of tech-savvy, marketing-minded experts step in and steer your digital marketing ship back on course. We are in the business of conceptualising and designing top-tier digital marketing strategies that align effectively with your business’s marketing to facilitate achieving your goals successfully. As a Google Premier Partner, we collaborate with leading international partners to offer you an extensive range of digital marketing services, including website design, video and YouTube marketing, Google Ads, Waze Advertising, Search Engine Optimisation and copywriting, Chatbot technology, and much more.


Reach out to our consultants to equip you with an adaptable, agile and resilient digital marketing strategy to ensure lasting results, far beyond 2021.

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