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The online space presents us with many opportunities to connect with each other, our product offerings, and a means to boast about our great (or not so great) experiences based on the services that are readily on offer.


As a business owner, you would want to appear at the top of an Internet user’s search results on Google, and the best approach would be to implement a Google Ads Management strategy.


Google Ads is a powerful digital marketing tool that puts your ads in front of any intended target audience exactly when it matters, and you only pay for the results achieved. It remains the best marketing vehicle that can drive your sales through the roof!


Tell me more.


Simply put, you have an opportunity to advertise and promote your brand messages, products and services in situations where users are searching for specific keywords that’ll offer the best results and information. When correctly set up, you will see a massive spike in your leads, conversions and sales. It’s therefore imperative that search marketing campaigns need to be continuously monitored and reviewed on a regular basis. This will ensure the maximum conversions at the minimum cost to you.


Yes, it does sound a bit tricky because it is! After exploring your goals and potential outcomes, it’s time to refine the process by onboarding a digital marketing agency that can best harness your expectations and guarantee you an overview of all expected outcomes.


Where should I even begin?


Lucky for you, there’s an established digital marketing agency with a wealth of experience ready to assist you with your Google Ads management from inception, all the way with sound advice and insights. To add the proverbial cherry on top, iLEAD et al is a Google Premier Partner with specialisation status in Search, Mobile, Video, Display and Shopping advertising, and our clients can rest assured that they are placing their business in the hands of a reputable agency that has Google’s seal of approval.


Let’s explore these Ads campaign options to better understand how you can and will benefit from using them:




Search adverts display as text in the results of users’ searches related to products or services relevant to the keywords used in your Search advert campaign. An advert that shows up at just the right moment can turn Google users into loyal customers of your brand and drive insane amounts of sales. Search ads remain the easiest and most cost-effective way to:


  • Get more potential customers to your store.
  • Drive website traffic.
  • Increase sales.
  • Improve conversion rates.



Want to hit home with visual displays? Then the shopping campaign is for you. Promote a specific product or several through images that come up in the results pages of searches. If you have a winning product, use the Shopping Ads to get leads that count. We segment the campaigns to get your products in front of the right shoppers. To get more sales you’ll need to spend a bit of money, but this approach will get an effective bidding process going and we can guide you every step of the way.




Google has a display network of websites partners, who get paid to display your ads. This gives your adverts maximum exposure to users already in the market for your products or services. Think of the millions of websites out there. Now think about what it could mean for your business and its products. These adverts can display as part of YouTube videos, Gmail or on third-party websites. With more than two million partners in the Display Network, you gain access to 90% of the digital world users.




No, these are not the same as the Display video adverts previously discussed. These ads appear as video clips at the beginning of a video. Often referred to as pre-rolls, video ads can be skipped or even not skipped at all.


Make it Happen with Our Expert Help.


Increase visits to your business, drive sales and maximise revenue fast and cost-effectively with Google Ads. Not only can we assist you with your Google Ads management journey, but we can also even offer you and your business a basic Google Ads digital training course, ensuring the efficiency of your staff. Call on us today and secure your position in the market.

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