Understanding SEO services on offer.

Any start-up or established business that offers services and products need to have a website to reach their intended visitors and audiences. This is but the first and most fundamental business practices to get your brand established and noted. Word of mouth and social media posts will only get you that much return on investment, and a solid digital marketing strategy incorporating SEO services will be the ultimate game-changer and profit generator. New to SEO or not entirely sure what it means and how it should tie in with your business strategy? Let’s take you through some of the basics to better educate yourself on SEO services and their relevance:


What is SEO?


Since the inception of the Internet, it became very clear that easy, accessible information would become the norm for us as a global society. Search engines like Google have been around for more than 22 years and this search giant deals with millions of search queries on a daily basis.


To ensure that searches on businesses and their services rank higher than those of their competitors, required a new approach and so the term and concept, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) was established.


SEO is the process of improving your search rankings and more traffic to your website via a search engine, ultimately aiming to generate more business. There are multiple SEO services on offer that can assist in this endeavour, and the services of an established digital marketing agency is key to your SEO success.


The continuous optimisation for top ranking search engine results is achieved by following a two-pronged approach:


On-site SEO:


This type of service refers to the digital experts who work on the backend of websites to carefully optimise its title tags, meta tags, alt attributes, and a number of other attributes.


Still following? Basically, these careful considerations and implementations will have a positive outcome on your overall SEO strategy and a massive impact on other factors including your website’s page speed, bounce rate, CTR (click-through-rate) SSL security and certificates, (keeping your internet connection and any sensitive data secure) and even the quality of content published onto your website!


Content Generation:


The regular addition of quality content related to your services or industry makes Google very happy and serves to retain or improve your Google search engine ranking. Online content should be well-written, educational, relevant and unique. It must also contain the applicable keywords to boost the rating of your website.


Not too sure what is meant by keywords? Think of when you do an online search: your search query will contain the words most applicable to your expected answer. These can include “plumber near me” or “hamburgers lynnwood” or even “chef courses pretoria.”


Content written for these high-ranking keywords in search engines enable you to expand on your offerings, and by following the necessary SEO services guidelines, your content will be at the top of a user’s search results – increasing the chances of them interacting with your site first in order to learn more about their query.


A no-brainer indeed! The more people find and interact with your site and its services, the better and more profitable it becomes for you as a business owner.


Writing effective SEO and online copy demands a fresh take on business products, services and descriptions and you require the assistance of a wordsmith to bring your offerings to life!


iLEAD et al’s Copy Team.


As part of our SEO services to clients, our copy team consists of various copywriters and editors who can effectively write impactful, relevant and educational content.


How Does the Copy Process Work?


Digital campaign managers identify keywords that can assist in boosting your website’s ranking, and Google loves a well-written and unique piece of content. The copywriters are briefed on the most impactful keywords of the month, and carefully conjure and create a piece of content that gets published onto your website. Having a monthly copy compliment on your website will strengthen your brand and assist in your website ranking higher on Google’s search pages.


Whether you’d like to improve on your website’s SEO structure or feel that it’s time for a fresh website copy rewrite or edit, the team at iLEAD et al will gladly meet to discuss your requirements and in turn supply you with the best possible solutions to spruce up your site.


Contact us today. We build brands beyond the brand!

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