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Easter Is Around the Corner – How Display and Video Can Boost Your Seasonal Sales.

It’s no secret that people love to shop during the festive seasons. This has to do with the emotional drive and practical use behind what gets bought.

It’s no secret that people love to shop during the festive seasons. This has to do with the emotional drive and practical use behind what gets bought.

With Easter on its way, for example, businesses notice a spike in food sales, winter clothing (Grandma’s favourite gift to give), cleaning products, and travel supplies. People also take advantage of the vast promotions and discount sales available, which make any holiday a great excuse to go shopping. As a company, it’s important to know how to leverage seasonal events to boost your sales – one great way is through video and display advertisements.

What Is Video and Display Marketing?

Video advertising makes use of engaging videos that promote your brand name, services, or products, and helps reach prospective customers. Display advertising, on the other hand, utilises ad formats which incorporate words and images to form a visual banner that, according to Google, reaches over 90% of the world’s total internet users. These two forms of advertising are components of an integrated online marketing strategy that strives to engage your target audience, raise awareness of your brand, and drive your sales.

Google’s Display Network.

Unlike Google’s Search Network (which requires physically typing keywords into Google’s search engine), Google’s Display Network is a different kind of smart. Think about when you read an online news article or blog, and you notice a small banner at the bottom or on the sides of the article that promote a product or service – these are known as display ads. Another form of display advertising is when watching a YouTube video and an advertisement plays before or during the actual video. Seeing these advertisements indicates that you have been placed into a predefined audience based upon your online interaction, such as your search history, which means that the advertisements you see are relevant to your specific needs and interests.

Does Google’s Display Network Really Work?

The answer to this is a resounding YES. Google has about two million Display Network sites globally, 650 000 apps that serve Google ads, and about four billion tracked store visits from ad clicks alone. What this all says is that video and display marketing is exceptionally useful in advertising and it can improve the lives of businesses and consumers alike.

As a Google Premier Partner, we incorporate the latest features, implementations, and techniques to ensure that we stay well-versed in the world of online marketing. Covering your company’s marketing needs from every possible angle has never been easier – whether boosting your chocolate Easter bunny sales or promoting your brand’s new look.

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