How to Create the Best Buyer Journey – Best Practices for a Shopping Campaign.

Have you ever wondered about images of products you see listed on Google after searching for goods and services of a similar nature?

What type of online marketing strategy is this and what does it take to utilise this for your own e-commerce website? In short, we call this form of internet advertising a Google Shopping campaign, and there is a reason why booming businesses integrate it into their overall digital marketing strategy.

What Is a Shopping Campaign?

A Google Shopping campaign is, in essence, an online advertisement that promotes a retailer’s goods while featuring great detail about the item in question. Shopping campaigns are unique in that they allow the buyer to see what they would be purchasing before they click on the advert presented to them.

How to Set It Up.

Before you can implement a shopping campaign, you’ll need to create accounts with both Google Ads (which is retail-centric) and the Google Merchant Center (which is data-centric), and then allow the two accounts to link with each other. Information from the Google Merchant Center is then transferred to your Google Ads account, and this data is then used in a shopping campaign.

Why Are Shopping Campaigns Profitable?

For those who have already used shopping campaigns in their ongoing marketing process, there are a few benefits to look forward to:

  • Shopping adverts usually perform better than text-based advertising because the image and product details already tell the customer much of what they want to know.
  • Specific user intent is targeted, so customers reach their decisions about what they want to buy quicker.
  • Streamlined targeting also means that shopping advertisements have a higher conversion rate. Well-informed customers always make for better leads, even if your brand isn’t yet popular with prospective clients.
  • There is no need to bid on keywords – product feeds that include richly-described products (ID, title, price, and other essential attributes of the item) will enable Google to show the advert to relevant potential leads.
  • A Google Shopping ad will link a customer directly to the product, without any additional extensions that might lead to tiresome information that customers are not necessarily willing to sift through.
  • The savvy technology behind Google not only generates keywords (and their synonyms) based on the product feed, but also the actual ad formats. Much of the labour of creating individual targeted search campaigns is simplified.

Best Practices When It Comes to Shopping Campaigns.

While creating a Google Shopping campaign is not necessarily tricky, an inexperienced user might needlessly spend time and money trying to experiment with the process. Hiring professionals to do your online marketing for you means that:

  1. The success of your campaigns is regularly reviewed and optimised by monitoring your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).
  2. You can expect the setup of accurate data feeds and the improvement of the existing feeds.
  3. Your Google Merchant Center and Google Ads will be managed with ease.
  4. Experts can run your shopping campaigns alongside marketing strategies that form part of the Google Display Network, which includes display and video advertising.
  5. A bid strategy will be carefully constructed to ensure more significant online visibility of the products you have on offer.

Implementing campaigns the correct way means that you will achieve optimal results for your e-commerce brand. If the above sounds like a rather complex and daunting task, fear not – at iLEAD et al, we aren’t afraid of rolling up our sleeves and getting the hard work done, so you don’t have to. If you are keen on taking your company to the next level with a digital marketing strategy that works for you, contact us today.

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