eCommerce Advertising.

Even though the global pandemic has influenced and limited our movement patterns to shops and malls, technology has for some time now dictated that these limitations are no longer a contributing factor to the accessibility of products, reviews and goods.


The global increase in online shopping holds many reasons:


  • The convenience of it can’t be disputed.
  • Less waiting periods and it saves both businesses and consumers a lot of time.
  • It can be a much safer option.
  • Product variety galore!
  • Most goods can be ordered from anywhere in the world.

In order for any business to tap into these advantages, you need to be able to have a good grasp and understanding of all the intricacies involved. Having a solid eCommerce strategy entails much more than simply setting up a website and online store. Effective eCommerce strategies need to have a well thought-out marketing execution plan in place at its core.


eCommerce Advertising.


The best approach would be to explore and invest in your customer acquisition practices and this is achieved through advertising.


Simply put, eCommerce advertising considers how paid messages get distributed across multiple online platforms, including Google, Facebook and most other prominent platforms.


Let’s explore eCommerce advertising opportunities with the help of Google Ads:


The advantage of utilising a search engine to source and explore products and services is that as a business owner, you get to advertise or promote your brand whenever users search for specific keywords or phrases in their search query. If your strategy is applied correctly, you will super-boost your leads, conversions and sales.


Recommended Google Ads platforms for any business.


As a newbie to the world of eCommerce, the key to a successful eCommerce advertising campaign is to kick-start your journey with a tried-and-tested approach. For this purpose, let’s explore the preferred eCommerce platforms, namely Google Search and Google Shopping advertising.




Simple, effective, and have been around for a very long time! Yes, Search adverts display as text in the results for searches related to products or services relevant to the keywords used in your Search advert campaign. An advert that shows up at just the right moment can turn Google users into loyal customers of your brand.


Google Search differs from its more ‘complex’ counterpart i.e., Google Shopping because of how the platform operates. Search ultimately allows more control over those keywords that are interconnected with the products that you’d like to promote. Google Search advertising also allows for more creative copy and calls-to-action.




If you prefer more of a visual angle to your online ads, visual displays in a shopping campaign are for you. Emphasis on visual! Shopping ads appear at the top of the search results page, and in its prominent placement, the user gets a first-hand introduction to your products.


Be aware though that while Search uses keywords to serve relevant ads to users, the Shopping process is a tad more complicated, as the necessary descriptions need to consider all relevant information pertaining to your product(s), including and where applicable:


  • The different brands.
  • The number of quantities available.
  • Product sizes and dimensions.
  • The different colours available etc.

Any planned eCommerce advertising initiatives revolving around a Shopping campaign need to be carefully optimised in order to target all applicable searches. Have you already acquired all the data needed to set up such a campaign, also considering correct pricing and the intricacies involved with Google’s bidding structure?


Next Steps.


A good starting point would be to explore both the Search and Shopping options as part of your eCommerce advertising initiatives. A combination of the two could lead to product visibility enhancement for the user as part of their online journey, including any initial research conducted all the way to their purchasing decisions.


This may seem a bit daunting, but fortunately there are a number of industry key players who has implemented various successful eCommerce advertising strategies and are very much familiar with the mechanics of such projects.


iLEAD et al, a Google Premier Partner, is your go-to digital marketing agency for all aspects related to your eCommerce queries and even implementation. As online users and shoppers ourselves, we understand your business needs, no matter what the scale of your operations is!


What’s more is that we can also advise you on eCommerce advertising options and how they align with a number of other social media platforms, ensuring that your products get promoted on the best-suited platforms with the best traction possible.


Let us assist with your audience segmentation, a solid advertising framework, and a long-term commitment to guarantee an increase in traffic, sales and conversions. 

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