YouTube Ads – The missing digital marketing link for South African businesses.

Last year’s global lockdown has forced many of us to turn to our mobile devices for everything from connecting with family and friends to learning how to do household DIYs. Serving as our sole connection to the world outside the safety of our homes, there was a drastic increase in our use of platforms like YouTube. In fact, there was a 24% increase in the use of YouTube by South Africans alone.


It’s no wonder then that this platform’s growth has boomed and that it is currently the second most-used platform in SA after Whatsapp. In South Africa, there are currently 24 million YouTube users making up only a small part of the over two billion monthly visitors around the globe. This equals massive untapped advertising potential to local brands that are looking to level up their digital marketing efforts. The 2021 Digital Report rates YouTube as having the largest potential advertising audience in SA.


As it happens, YouTube Ads is not only for the select few who can produce large quantities of visual content. YouTube Ads are much more accessible than businesses may realise, and, with the immense growth this platform has seen of late, it makes little sense to exclude YouTube Ads from your digital marketing strategy.


Who you are connecting with.


With YouTube’s advanced audience profiling capabilities, you can tap into your ideal customer base, as well as new, unexplored audiences that you may not have targeted yet. YouTube identifies audiences based on, among others, their interests, habits and purchase behaviours. This provides you with audience profiles and useful insights that allow you to tailor your ad campaigns to target these audiences making it easy to share your story with the right people, in the right way.


When to show up.


YouTube features a variety of ad formats that allow you to connect with your audience in different ways and at different times during their viewing sessions, including:


  • Skippable in-stream ads: Ideal for generating sales, producing leads, increasing website traffic, improving brand awareness and reach and encouraging product and brand consideration.
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads: An excellent option to increase brand awareness and reach.
  • Video discovery ads: Effective for product and brand consideration goals and to promote videos in places of discovery.
  • Bumper ads: Increases brand awareness and reach with short, memorable messages.
  • Outstream ads: These mobile-only ads are great for increasing brand awareness and reach.
  • Masthead ads: Made to drive awareness of a new product or service.

How to get your message across.


We all know that content is king and it is clear that, with over 5 billion videos watched on YouTube every day, your audience loves video, though it can be easy to get lost in the vast sea of content. It all comes down to telling and selling a story that connects with your audience.


Popular and effective content types that will make your business visible on YouTube include:


  • ‘How to’ videos: ‘How to’ videos have only gained in popularity as more people turn to YouTube to get tips on everything from cleaning hacks to full-scale DIY projects.
  • Interviews: Interviews are an authentic way to connect with your audience on a more personal level offering you the opportunity to gain industry credibility and adding personality to your brand.
  • Testimonials: Getting your loyal customer base talking adds credibility to your brand. It provides you with an authentic story that viewers can easily relate to.
  • Product reviews: If you are marketing a product, reviews are the perfect opportunity to showcase what your product can do. Almost 50% of internet users check out product reviews before committing to visiting a store.
  • Live-streaming events: Live-streaming events are highly effective in boosting brand awareness and building anticipation for a product launch, for example.

A buffet of content can be utilised in your YouTube Ads strategy. However, one video is better than none at all. If the task of producing content seems overwhelming, start with one engaging video that tells your story in a way that resonates with your audience. 


In a nutshell.


YouTube Ads shouldn’t be overlooked in your digital marketing efforts. Both locally and globally, our consumption of video has grown exponentially and now is the time to give YouTube Ads a place in your digital marketing arsenal. iLEAD et al can assist you in making your brand visible with YouTube Ads. Let our expert team place your business on the virtual, and visual, map. Contact us for more info. 

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