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Get Ahead of the Competition with an iLEAD et al Digital Marketing Course.

2020 was a watershed year, and we need to spend little time on just how much changed over a short 12 months. With the severe restrictions applied in the hopes of implementing social distancing, the online environment experienced a boost that we, quite possibly, haven’t seen before. Along with the boom in online shopping came an increased reliance on the digital environment for communication and, for a huge section of the labour force, for work. This is to say that in a post-2020 world, digital marketing is more important than ever. Additionally, its prominence as an effective marketing channel is only set to increase as legacy media continues to slowly fade into the past.



The Future is Digital.



Businesses, large and small, now have no choice but to look to digital marketing as the future of advertising. For many left behind in a legacy media mindset, this means upskilling with a comprehensive digital marketing course.



Of course, the myriad advantages that come with a digital marketing course aren’t confined to those new to the power of online advertising; indeed, even the well experienced can refresh their memories and learn about all the updates in the field.



Digital marketing training, in other words, is something that can benefit anyone involved in the marketing industry. From business owners and managers to ad agency creative directors and marketing strategists, a quality digital marketing training course can only add to our knowledge base.



Digital Marketing Training Courses to Suit Your Needs.



The great news is that iLEAD et al, as a premier agency and expert in all things digital, has several options available. Our digital marketing training courses are designed to meet the needs of beginners and seasoned marketers, alike. To whet your appetite, here is a brief outline of two courses we’re proud to present:


Introduction to Google Display and YouTube Video Marketing


The training course covers the vital areas of Google Display and the various opportunities made available on YouTube. The reach of these two channels alone makes this course an absolute must. Google’s Display Network (GDN) covers almost 2 million popular, frequently visited websites, and YouTube enjoys over 2 billion logged-in monthly users. The course is aimed at those who:



  • Require a comprehensive introduction to the GDN and YouTube advertising
  • Have used Google Search advertising, but are looking to expand their reach
  • Need to move beyond social media ads
  • Are looking to learn more about Google Discovery Ads
  • Will benefit from a more integrated approach to their online presence

Participants in this digital marketing course will learn more about:



  • The Google Display and YouTube ad formats
  • How the channels work and what ads they display
  • The necessary creative assets
  • How bidding works and how to budget a spend most efficiently
  • Audience targeting methods
  • How Google Discovery works and how it integrates with the Display Network, Google Search and YouTube.

The digital training is, like everything at iLEAD et al, thorough-going and conducted by an industry professional. Additional material is provided and can be taken home for revision down the line.


Google Ads Practical Training

iLEAD et al’s Google Ads Practical Training offers an in-depth look at the real-world knowledge you’ll need to run successful campaigns from your own Ad account. Moreover, upon course completion – and passing the required exams – you’ll be fully Google Ads certified. The digital marketing training is aimed at those who:



  • Have a basic understanding of Google Ads but want to upskill and learn more about the finer nuances of running a Google Ads account
  • Want to independently set up and run accounts
  • Want to acquire the skill so that they can save money by not hiring an agency
  • Are ready to think strategically about their marketing and need to problem solve quickly and effectively

By undergoing the training, you’ll learn more about:



  • Google Ads theory
  • How to complete keyword research
  • The inter-related roles an ad group, campaign, and keywords play in a holistic approach to digital marketing
  • How to set daily budgets
  • The many factors to bear in mind and manage (like quality score) when setting up and running an effective ad account
  • How to write compelling, attention-grabbing ad copy
  • The fundamentals of Google Analytics

The course does come with some homework to complete, but it is conducted virtually – making it convenient for those with little time on their hands for additional workloads.



Don’t Hesitate – Get in Touch with the Experts.



iLEAD et al’s digital marketing training is designed to meet the needs of South Africa’s online marketing community. If, however, you’re looking for training on an aspect not covered in any of our online courses, feel free to get in touch. We can tailor-make a digital training course to suit your unique purposes.

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