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Google Shopping for Small Businesses.

Small business owners no longer have to navigate unchartered territories to market their online product offerings, or even feel threatened by larger corporate entities. Google Shopping Ads is an effective means for any small business owner to showcase their products proudly. Online shopping is synonymous with convenience, both for the business owner and the consumer. Would you believe that Google processes more than 5 billion search queries per day? Even though this number sounds overwhelming, having an effective business marketing strategy equipped to explore Google Shopping as a potential revenue stream, has never been easier and more convenient! Here follows some much-needed advice and affirmations to set your business up for shopping success.

How does Google Shopping work?

This nifty platform allows the small business owner to list any of its products visually, and the consumer gets to compare price and product as part of its service.

When users search for products in line with those offered by you, the small business owner, Google Shopping results will appear in a carousel where products show up according to relevance within the search query. Up to 20 ad positions are showcased to be exact, compared to the mere two ad positions appearing in a carousel for Google Search ads.

The next step is for the user to simply click on any of the Google Shopping Ads, and a product page results page of all advertisers will appear. It’s that easy!

If it’s that easy, why do I need the assistance of a digital marketing agency?

Google Shopping Ads are in a category of their own. For one, these don’t have the keyword bidding system associated with other types of Google Ads. Does it mean no bidding at all? On the contrary. You will still bid, but the bids will be according to the product categories since the ads are individual product feed focussed.

Google Ads specialists create a master strategy within your budget. They do the bidding, create the adverts and optimise the shopping feed of your products – the key to your campaign success.

They also segment the campaigns to get the products in front of the right shoppers. To get the sales, you need to spend a bit of money beforehand. This is known as the bidding process. Once completed, the specialist will precision target the ads.

Google Shopping: Automated bliss

Google Shopping for small businesses has many magical features in place. Once the Google specialist has implemented the mechanics of your ads and created product feeds, the rest is performed by Google through an advanced automation process.

This process updates all product information directly from the product feed that communicates with an online store, thereby ensuring that the product feed is supplied with up-to-date information pertaining to your product offerings.

Google Shopping will always aim to match your products to relevant keywords as part of users’ ever-changing search queries and needs. Google Shopping’s automation initiatives for small businesses is a massive time-saver, eliminating the need of having to constantly create ad copies.

Know the numbers, and expand your audience

For any small business owner, sales and revenue are at the core of your livelihood. Running Shopping ad campaigns need to tell your story. A Google specialist will be able to translate campaign insights into promising results. Effective reporting that includes return on ad spend (ROAS) that can be drilled down to product level, allows the specialist to make informed decisions that can further grow your small business.

Furthermore, gaining a better understanding of behaviour metrics will show the user’s journey once they click on your ad and make their way to your online store. Such measures, when implemented correctly, can easily show which of your products are bestsellers versus those that aren’t selling at all.

Take my small business to the next level

Google Shopping for small businesses is an undeniable powerhouse of an opportunity, and for small business owners, online sales possibilities are endless. There are no shortcuts when implementing a sound, digital marketing strategy. You will need all the help you can get, and iLEAD et al is one such agency that can make your products take flight. As a Google Premier Partner, iLEAD et al’s digital campaign managers will set you up for success. Our services extend beyond a simple, online ad.

Email us today and let us tell you all about the many possibilities we can offer you and your business.

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