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21 Questions to Consider to Help You Grow Your Business


Coming up with a good business and marketing strategy requires clarity about what value you offer your clients, as well as what you want to achieve for your business in terms of growth, reach, and revenue.


Ask the right questions to get clarity and develop a strategy that will help your business grow, succeed, and stand out. You do not want to merely do what your competitors are doing. Take time to think about what makes your business unique, remarkable, and worth talking about. To help you devise a business-growth strategy, here are 21 questions to ask yourself and discuss with members of your team:


  1. What experiences are you offering clients and customers? It is important that people have a good experience with your company, or the chances of them becoming repeat customers greatly diminish. 
  2. How must the company grow to achieve your goals? Sometimes, employees need to learn specific skills or you need to hire the right people to help your company grow. When you set a goal, establish how you need to grow to achieve it. 
  3. How do you want to contribute to society through your work? You would like to make a positive impact through your work, not just make money. If your company can contribute to society, people will be more likely to support it, especially with the younger generation being interested in social change. 
  4. Where do we waste money? Sometimes, a quick financial audit can identify where your company wastes money. Eliminating unnecessary costs frees up finances for more important things that contribute to growth. 
  5. How can we sell around our products or services? What content can we produce related to what we offer without selling our products or services directly? 
  6. Would we buy our product or service? If not, how can you expect your target audience to? 
  7. Where can we reach our ideal customers online? Sometimes, you need to look in obscure places online to find your target audience, like groups and forums related to your products or services. 
  8. What message would you put on a billboard for your target audience? If you could give them one core message, what would it be?
  9. What bad recommendations do your competitors make? Identify incorrect information your competitors are giving their customers and produce content that presents the right information. 
  10. How can avoiding making your competitors’ mistakes help? If you can, you should be able to attract a lot of people who were unhappy with your competitors. 
  11. Are we thinking outside the box and binning unnecessary “rules”? You do not have to do things the same, traditional old way. How can you get rid of unnecessary “rules”? 
  12. How can we conduct business on our own terms and still grow? Are you conducting business the way you want to do or the way you think you should? 
  13. What is our goal? Knowing where you are headed as a company is important. It informs your decision-making process and business-growth strategy. 
  14. What do we want to achieve in the next 10 years? 
  15. How can we divide our long-term goals into monthly, weekly, and daily ones? Setting clear goals for growing your business and where you want to be in future will help determine what to do today. 
  16. What have we not tried? Is there something you have never felt brave enough to try? Or, perhaps something you haven’t even thought of? 
  17. How can we make our clients and customers feel special? People that feel special are easier to turn into customers. 
  18. How does the customer/client feel during every step of the process? You want to make them feel good at every point. Their experience must be positive to create word of mouth, which is one of the best ways to grow your business. 
  19. Are we establishing ourselves as experts in our field? If you want to rise above the competition, establish yourselves as experts to build trust and gain your customers’ respect. 
  20. Are we solving our customers’ problems? People are interested in how you can help them and if you can solve problems they didn’t even know they had, you have struck gold. 
  21. Can we enlist the services of a digital-marketing agency to take our business to the next level? 

We can help you answer the last question but you will have to answer the rest. As a digital-marketing agency passionate about helping businesses grow, we can help your business succeed. Contact us on 012 001 1772 or You can also complete our online contact form, and one of our Account Managers will give you a call.

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