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An African Dream – iLEAD et al Wins at the 2019 Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards.


A few weeks ago, we attended one of the most important nights of the year for those in the direct marketing industry. The theme of the 2019 Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards was “African Dream”.


Just like the “American Dream” promises the opportunity for prosperity and success for those with dreams and who are willing to do what it takes to make those dreams a reality in the US, the African dream is about capitalising on all of the opportunities we have on this continent.


Africa is the second most populated continent in the world and it still has a lot of untapped potential. Thanks to the digital revolution, people in Africa now have the opportunity to compete on a global scale and reach far more people than they could have otherwise, both locally and internationally.


They say that Africa is the future, and judging by the incredible achievements we witnessed at the Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards this year, we are already making waves in the world of business.


Direct marketing has made it possible for small companies to take on industry giants, and companies like iLEAD et al help them do so. The marketing efforts of industry legends have helped some of the biggest companies in Africa, as well as some that were considered underdogs, reach, connect, and help South Africans in some way.


At iLEAD et al, we hire dreamers who can envision possibilities in marketing that our clients have not even considered. Our job is to show our clients just what is possible. When a prestigious client comes to us seeking assistance in helping them reach and help more South Africans, little do they know that their campaigns could do so well that they merit an award at an event like the Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards in 2019.


In the extremely competitive world of digital marketing, helping companies navigate through the digital clutter and stand out can be a challenge, but we are always ready to rise to the occasion. When we have to work with a limited marketing budget, it presents another welcome challenge and forces us to be even more creative when coming up with a strategy.


Developing strategies for helping clients shine online is what we do best and at the 2019 Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards, we won the bronze award in the category: Online Campaigns: Banners, Micro Sites, Remarketing, and Other Online Campaigns.


Our African dream is to help as many companies as possible have a strong online presence, and help make the dreams and aspirations they have for their companies become reality. While we do not do what we do for awards, getting recognised for our efforts at an event like the 2019 Assegai Integrated Marketing Awards is something that we are grateful for and do not take for granted.


We are excited about the role that we get to play in making this country and continent thrive going forward.


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