Your 2020 Digital Marketing Strategy.

Important Questions to Ask When Planning Your 2020 Digital Marketing Strategy


2020 marks the end of a decade and the start of a new one that brings with it some uncertainty, excitement, and endless possibilities.


Before you go into the new decade, define a clear vision for your business and what you want to happen in the next ten years. Perhaps you want to grow your number of employees, expand and open more branches of your business, or grow internationally.


Do you dream of becoming a leader in your industry or want to establish yourself as an expert in your field? With the digital revolution, the possibilities for your business have become endless. With the right strategy, time, persistence, and the Internet, you can reach every goal you have set for 2020 and the decade to come.


Perhaps you want to scale your business in 2020 and have, therefore, decided it is time to hire a digital marketing agency to help increase your brand awareness, as well as your profits. The right agency will take care of the marketing side of things, while you can focus on running your business.


Here are a few things you need to consider before even talking to a marketing agency and coming up with your 2020 digital marketing strategy:


1. How Will You Grow Your Company’s Brand?


Your company’s brand is extremely important and might even be even more important in the future. As voice search is on the rise, more and more people will search for information through voice search by saying things like “Hey Google, I need a digital marketing agency” or “I need the best digital marketing agency in South Africa”. The algorithm will then decide which result is given to the individual. Unless the person includes your company’s name in the request and says something like “Hey Google, I need the iLEAD et al digital marketing agency”, it will be much harder for your company to become the first option the Google Assistant suggests.


You can also expect that paid ads will become rather expensive when companies start bidding to be the first result.


Therefore, we suggest that you make growing your company’s brand an important part of your 2020 marketing strategy.


To grow your brand, you can:

  • Get a marketing agency that can help you run brand awareness campaigns on YouTube and the Google Display Network.
  • Find small ways to get your company to stand out and to make your brand memorable, such as giving customers unusual gifts or making funny videos.

2. How Will You Connect with Your Audience?


The company that provides the most value to their customers is the one who will win in the end. Before you can provide value to your customers, however, you need to find out what they value. Here are a few questions that can help you connect more with your audience and understand them:

  • Who is your buyer persona? A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer. Take the time to think of who your buyer persona is in terms of where they live, their age, marital status, habits, concerns, interests, and aspirations. 
  • What experiences can you create for your customers?
  • How can you make your customers feel even more special?
  • What problems can you solve for your customers? 

3. What Mediums Will You Communicate In?


If you can, you want to try and provide value to your customers in various communication mediums, namely audio, visual, and text. Different people prefer different methods of communication. While some people prefer to read, others would rather watch a video or just listen to audio. For many individuals, television, radio, and print have been replaced by online video, podcasts, and blogs.


If you only focus on one form of communication, like video for example, then you are excluding all of the people who prefer to get their information in written form. If your only provided content is in written form, you are excluding those who do not want to read to get their information, but who would rather watch a video.


You already have a good company, but make 2020 the year that you really invest in digital marketing and watch your company go from good to great.


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