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Is Your Johannesburg Business Getting the Most Out of its SEO Agency?.

When it comes to online digital marketing strategies, it is likely that most brand owners in Johannesburg struggle to keep up with the latest and greatest technology and tools. Perhaps you have looked into online marketing and search engine optimisation (aka SEO) services and felt it was not worth your time. While old-time business values such as great customer service, high-quality products, and integrity are still essential components to a successful enterprise, implementing superb online marketing strategies with the right agency can help you get ahead. This boost is especially valuable in a competitive climate such as Johannesburg.

Ever-Changing Demands.

Even a marketing agency that specialises in SEO has to do a lot of work to keep up with the changes that Google implements from time to time. Google’s 2019 BERT update, for example, was a game-changer (the search engine’s biggest in five years, in fact) and shifted SEO content’s focus from keywords to search intent significantly. Keeping up to date with changes such as these is a necessity, especially if you want your website to rank higher naturally.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

When you type something into Google in search of an answer, a ranked list of results will appear. Search engine users do not usually give too much thought to why some results appear higher on the results list than others, but often implicitly trust these results to offer the answer they are seeking. The principle behind online searches is that once Google receives your query, its algorithms allow it to scour its indexes in search of data that matches the keywords you typed in. A lot goes into matching your query with relevant results, and this is where the optimisation comes in.

Search engine optimisation is a process in which a website is optimised or improved. This improvement has the main purpose of gaining organic (unpaid or “natural”) traffic from the search results page. Content of the website, therefore, has to be continually refined, enhanced, and refreshed to receive a better Google ranking and thus attract high-quality traffic. As a business within Johannesburg, you want relevant web users to land on your website. Local users in or around Johannesburg (or nationally and internationally, depending upon your services) seeking what you have to offer are your ideal target audience. The right SEO agency will bridge the gap between your brand’s online presence and consumers who want what you are selling.

Increase Trust in Your Brand.

The better your website’s SEO, the higher it can rank organically. Though advertising is valuable in drawing customers, most users prefer to use their own discretion when it comes to sifting through options and finding a relevant result. Pages that rank higher on Google’s first results page naturally garner more trust, and users are more likely to click on them. Another way trust in your brand is increased is by the fact that SEO improves your website’s user experience. Some of the largest businesses in Johannesburg still have websites that do not offer intuitive navigation or user-friendly features. Confusing design and functionality, as well as slow loading times, increases a website’s bounce rate. If your current digital marketing agency is not focusing on these features within your website, then it might be time to switch to someone who does.

It is far wiser to pair SEO strategies with ad campaigns because while ad campaigns undoubtedly work quickly in drawing user attention, they don’t offer authenticity. Authenticity, authority, and quality (all of which Google values) come from proper SEO.

How to Do it the Right Way?

If you are seeking an SEO agency in Johannesburg, then it might be confusing to know which one offers these kinds of services. Companies can get so lost in the technical jargon, that they don’t really understand what they are paying their agency for anymore. With us at iLEAD et al, a dedicated team of specialists not only aims to help you to understand precisely what it is you are paying for but will ensure that your SEO is the best it can be. Through on-site SEO (working on the backend of the website, optimising title tags, meta tags, alt attributes, and more) and quality content generation, we will boost your website’s organic ranking in no time.

For an agency that understands the needs of brands in the competitive Johannesburg environment, have a chat with us today.

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