The Potential of GDN and Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out on Display Ads.

What is This Hot Topic? Nothing other than Online Display Advertising. With the debate still on whether display ads or search ads are the most effective, we take a closer look at which one generates the most leads, sales, or clicks.

How to Choose.

What are your marketing objectives? Do you want to reach people who are searching for your products/services with the intention to buy? If so, then search wins hands-down. However, if the goal is to generate brand visibility and awareness, nothing speaks as loud as display ads.

Why the Google Display Network?

Known as the GDN, it consists of a vast network of websites, apps, and other online sources displaying Google AdWords adverts. The GDN features over 2 million websites and reaches over 90% of all internet users, giving you the ideal opportunity to make your brand seen.

In the past, display ads were associated with spammy advertising, but the concept is receiving a gradual makeover. Today, it is about relevancy and hitting the mark with well-designed and strategically placed visual displays. Of course, to get the most out of the GDN, you need to do it right.

Here are a few tips from our team.

1. Remarketing Keeps your Company Top of Mind

People often visit your website and leave without taking action. Instead of letting them wander off to competitors, make your brand stay top of mind with Remarketing. With Remarketing, your ads can follow users around the internet when they browse other websites on the GDN. What’s more, is that you only pay when somebody clicks on your ad. In essence, you get free repetitive advertising.

Impact On Ecommerce

Consider this:

  • over 70% of online shoppers leave their shopping carts before they get to checkout points.
  • Without remarketing, fewer than 9% of the shoppers return to complete their checkout transactions.
  • However, stats on remarketing show that 26% of shoppers who have been exposed to remarketing ads, return to complete their purchase.
  • What’s more, is that the average click-through-rate for remarketing display ads outperforms the average click-through rate of normal display ads by ten times.

2. Managed Placements for Better ROI

Google AdWords gives you full control to choose on which websites or apps your ads must show, and to which audiences. The Display Planner Tool can help you plan your campaign, by giving you search estimates for specific websites and apps, audiences, topics and interest groups. You can drill down even further into your audience data by gender, location, and parental status.

3. Simplicity Trumps Complex, Extravagant Ads

Simple visual ads have a better impact than busy ads. Wordstream recently conducted a study, which showed that image display ads have a 0.31% click-through rate, as opposed to the 0.23% of text ads.

4. Call-to-action – Don’t Leave Them Hanging

After you’ve gone through the trouble of planning and executing stunning display campaigns, you might find that something is still missing…but what could it be? The call-to-action, of course. Be creative and be daring. Run different samples of calls-to-action and use A/B testing to see which ones drive the most traffic and deliver the best results.

5. Keep Close Tabs

Always keep a close eye on your campaign performance. It’s not just a matter of setting it up and letting it run. Your ads must show to the right audiences. Ensure that you get better ROI by allocating more of your focus towards your best performing ads, devices, interest groups and topics.

Where to Get Help.

Now that you have a better idea about the GDN, it’s time to put your campaign into motion. We understand that it might seem like a daunting, time-consuming task at first… Luckily, our team of Google pros are here to ensure the success of your campaigns. At iLEAD et al, we have an experienced in-house team to streamline the process and ensure the best possible ROI when it comes to your company’s display campaigns. Don’t delay. Go display! Contact us today

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