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YouTube as a Search Engine.

Listening to music remains an everyday pastime for many – whether you’re trying to soothe into relaxing chants while working or studying, or setting the musical scene to your Saturday morning house-cleaning ritual. The reality in today’s modern world is that we don’t necessarily want to ‘listen’ to our favourite bands, shows, or news bulletins, but would rather want to watch them, as technology today offers many opportunities for us to engage with our interests.


A fundamental question remains, did video kill the radio star? Not necessarily! But video has become more popular than ever, and many of us have the means to make and upload video content onto multiple video and social media platforms, at any given time. For a business this also presents countless opportunities, and the possibilities are endless. Have you considered YouTube Marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy?


Let’s take a look at some insights and the overall benefits to consider as part of an effective YouTube marketing strategy:


YouTube as a Search Engine.


Technology and ease of access dictate that we can find anything, at any time, online. Did you know that the norm for most consumers is to search for a product via Google? The next step? Exploring such a product, or even service by visiting YouTube and learning from it.


An example would be: Your mobile phone contract is due for an upgrade and you’re thinking of perhaps moving onto a new brand. Firstly, you will search for the latest deals on your mobile service provider’s site, from where you’ll make your way to YouTube to further explore product reviews and tutorials.


Whether you’d like to learn more from a mobile phone review, or checking out a new washing machine, or are even tempted to learn more about the basics of accounting, you are guaranteed to find an abundance of relevant video content on YouTube to browse to your heart’s desire.


Considering that YouTube is such a popular platform for millions of users, also means that there is a lot of competition. According to the latest indications, more than 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute! Your YouTube marketing strategy therefore needs to cater for a well-thought-out approach to do everything possible to ensure that your video content gets viewed.


The first step would be to incorporate focussed keywords strategically aligned to your business and its products or services. Having detailed video titles and descriptions will not only benefit your SEO ranking on YouTube, but unique copy also ensures better engagement from existing and potential followers and viewers.


Your YouTube marketing plan needs to incorporate factors such as having sufficient time and resources available to your disposal to create and publish quality content offerings.


Considering your own offerings and products as a business, how could you adapt to a YouTube marketing strategy? The good news is that a digital marketing agency such as iLEAD et al can position your business right where it needs to be, through our lucrative approach to content and YouTube marketing strategies.


Why Opt for Video?


We’ve previously established in this article that consumers’ online and content consumption habits change almost daily, and video has become more popular than ever. If you’re not considering video as part of an effective marketing strategy, you are losing out on many eyes not focused on your brand.  With so many online platforms on offer that are able to host video channels and their content, it’s become a more lucrative and profitable endeavour for many businesses.


What YouTube Marketing Solutions can iLEAD et al offer my business?


As an established digital marketing leader, and with our vast skillsets and experience we have the means to ensure that your brand becomes visible and attract the right crowd. Our expert team can assist with the following:


  • Creating your very own YouTube channel with an accompanying strategy to optimise this channel.
  • Helping you understand your audience and their viewing habits.
  • Harvesting and analysing real-time data of both viewers and even your competitors.
  • Defining the ROI in order to justify your marketing investments and adjusting it accordingly.
  • Giving you access to first-to-market digital marketing solutions.

We at iLEAD et al also pride ourselves onbeing one of the first marketing agencies to receive expert skills training from Google, making us the preferred Premier Partner that can offer our clients the latest product changes and developments from Google.


Your YouTube marketing journey could hardly be in better hands!

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