Waze Advertising

Part of the advantage of partnering with us at iLEAD et al is that we exceed expectations when it comes to offering a comprehensive range of services. Our dedicated team environment and trusted partners enable us to bring state-of-the-art technologies to you, our valued client. One such technology is the globe’s biggest community-based traffic and navigation app, Waze. If you haven’t yet harnessed the advertising power of Waze, it might be time to explore further.


What is Waze Advertising All About?


Unlike digital marketing strategies that aim to drive online traffic to your website, Waze Ads drive literal traffic to your brick-and-mortar business. Waze is, after all, a community-sourced GPS navigation app used to help drivers find the shortest route possible. It does this by relying on the data other users provide about their encounters along a specific route. Fellow drivers (also known as Wazers) provide real-time input that alerts other Wazers to obstructions in the road, including accidents, traffic stops, and even potholes.


Today, Waze has amassed a global community of over 100 million active users that spend a monthly average of around 11 hours navigating their daily drive on the app. This is well above many other branding and social media platforms. It is only natural, then, that advertising fits so well into the platform. By leveraging this network of Wazers, the app can connect various types of physical businesses with drivers in their respective vicinities.


The Ad Units of Waze Local


Within Waze advertising, three unique ad units make marketing your brand possible. These are Promoted Search, Branded Pins, and Zero-speed Takeovers.

  • Promoted Search places the name and logo of your business at the top of the app’s search results. Identifying and becoming acquainted with your business is therefore much easier for drivers. When Wazers first type in their search, the app will present results that consist of organically ranking locations, along with one Promoted Search result at the top. If the name of your business is a match to this query, it will be displayed as the leading result on the list.
  • Branded Pins are a type of digital store sign or billboard that informs drivers of your presence nearby. Notifying and reminding drivers about your business en-route to their destination means a greater chance they will change course and visit you instead. Depending upon your budget, CPM bid and the surrounding competition, you can help determine how often your branded pin appears on the map to Wazers nearby.
  • Zero-speed Takeovers mean a Takeover banner appears on the map when Wazers come to a full stop, disappearing when driving commences. 


Local Plus & Premium advertisers and Channel Partners of Waze also have access to Nearby Arrows which act as strategically positioned signposts that display when first opening the app.


At iLEAD et al, our dedicated team of marketing maestros can help you turn your digital presence into a real-world destination through Waze advertising.


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