Performance Max campaigns.

Another exciting Google offering that has been added to our digital arsenal is the cutting-edge campaign platform, Performance Max.


With its transparent insights, ad campaigns are taken to the next level through the power of automation and machine learning technology that offer our clients a streamlined solution to their specific Google ads conversion goals.

performance max

How it works.

As its name suggests, Performance Max assists in driving performance based on specified conversion goals, meaning we can find and unlock new audiences and converting customers across many Google channels, including, Display, Search, Discover, YouTube, Gmail, and Maps.


With its range of benefits, Performance Max campaigns combine a business’s creative assets, including text, images and videos. The result? Clear and simple but captivating ads that get presented to the consumer through the power of clever machine learning, optimised for any channel in line with your goals.

performance max campaigns services

Performance Max campaigns for Ecommerce.

PMax campaigns for Ecommerce are open to all retailers who adhere to Google’s Shopping Ad Policies. Even though there are some restricted products, we advise you to talk to us about your business to see how we can assist you. Read More

What’s next?

Contact iLEAD et al. We work closely with our clients to tailor solutions based on the goals you want to reach and will advise you on the best approach to take.

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