Waze advertising.

Drive more traffic to your brick-and-mortar business by reminding customers of your business location the moment they’re ready to buy. Waze is the app that makes navigation easier than before, and now your ads can appear en route in the vehicles of potential customers with Waze Ads.


Waze is not only a preferred navigation application, but also a platform which makes you a part of the user’s journey. Waze allows you to literally put your business on the map – as users enter your vicinity.


What Waze offers you.

Become a part of your potential customer’s journey, by informing them of where you are when they are near. Waze not only informs the user, but it also:
  • Builds brand awareness and assists you in staying top of mind
  • Increases consideration among potential customers
  • Drives sales by attracting feet to your door

Consider your options.

Waze offers multiple formats for you to consider and choose from to appeal to your ideal customer:


Reach users with your logo and business name as they are searching for a specific destination.

Zero speed take over

Once a user comes to a complete stop, while using Waze navigation, it allows ads to communicate to prospective customers, with advertisements popping up on the screen. It can communicate your business’ promotions, along with the directions to the store, for ease of use.

Branded pins/arrows

Your location’s pin appears on the map when users view it, which includes your location. Once they tap on the pin, users are able to see information, like opening hours, URL, contact number, services and more. Users then have the option to navigate to your store, if they wish to do so.
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