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Leadtrekker – The Revolutionary CRM Measuring your Digital Campaigns


As consumers, we are all feeling the pressure of inflation and increasingly higher prices on the most basic of necessities. For a business owner, these concerns extend to and affect an array of operational practices. Despite the current circumstances and challenges, consumers are becoming more mindful of those businesses that have a clear brand message and who can offer and fulfil their spending needs to the best of their abilities. To support such expectations, every good business knows they should constantly invest and grow in customer relationship management and quality sales leads.

iLEAD et al is proud to have partnered with a revolutionary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, namely Leadtrekker. Yes, we’ve once again taken the lead to invest in our clients’ well-being. Leadtrekker is a custom-designed CRM and lead management system that can optimise your business (whether big or small) and its sales leads, in any given industry.

Regardless of what digital marketing strategy your business is currently pursuing, Leadtrekker will revolutionise any digital marketing campaign and turn lead response times into actionable and accountable practices. The results will lead the way to an attractive return on investment.

Google Ads Digital Campaigns

For those businesses who are already actively running Google Ads campaigns, it’s vital to be constantly updated on the various measurements and insights pertaining to an effective marketing strategy. At its core, you need to know whether your paid digital marketing campaigns are generating revenue, and which channels are generating the best conversion leads into customers. This enables the business owner to establish any budget or strategy adjustments necessary to obtain stellar results. But first, quality leads need to be captured effectively to further guide the decision-making process.

Leads Explained

Simply put, a quality lead refers to those leads that can potentially convert into paying customers that will likely purchase products and/or services from brands. An effective Google Ads strategy allows you to track results and gather leads generated via a website, based on the actions taken by the consumer/user, including link/button clicks, making a purchase etc. What’s more, is that when Google Ads are optimised to generate leads, you can capture many details of potential customers, especially those who are actively wanting to purchase goods or services.

How to Track the Value of Leads with Leadtrekker

Not only is it vital to track leads, but it’s also important to further establish the value of a lead. These insights will shed light on whether the consumer/user is likely to make a purchase in line with the products and/or services on offer to them. This is where Leadtrekker leads the way and takes your digital campaigns to the next level.

Leadtrekker’s CRM provides digital campaigns with quality leads when you need them the most, and enables the digital campaign team at iLEAD et al to quickly and efficiently establish just how valuable incoming leads are. Based on this information, the digital campaign manager can further establish whether any campaign adjustments need to be made to further improve the quality of such leads. 

One effective implementation would be to tag URLs in a digital campaign, from where Leadtrekker will perform its magic by linking a quality lead to the given campaign. The result? Customer value (or revenue) gets easily assigned to the campaigns.

Leadtrekker’s CRM delivers on improved lead responses and contributes to sales increases. Think of it as a custom-built client database that instantly captures leads for an even better results-driven digital campaign. When set up correctly, one can establish where exactly your quality leads are coming from, and this can even be done at SEO keyword level. This is a sure-fire way to make informed decisions around your keywords, ads, and campaign performance and to establish which of these deliver the best conversions. Once the necessary data has been collected, it can be easily processed into a Google Ads campaign to add further value to it.

Quality Leadtrekker Services

For the business owner wanting to secure their position in any industry and yearning for a much-needed uptake in ROI, consider Leadtrekker, with the assistance from the team at iLEAD et al as your go-to automated lead assignment partner.

As a Google Premier Partner servicing multiple clients from various industries nationally, iLEAD et al offers its client the best solutions and benefits to stand out among their competitors. We have been tailoring our clients’ marketing campaigns effortlessly and are proud of our many achievements in delivering and contributing to their market share growth and driving increased profits.

Business owners need to consider their current marketing objectives and consult a digital marketing agency that can offer them an optimised lead distribution strategy. Contact us today for the ultimate value-add experience.

For more information visit Leadtrekker https://leadtrekker.com/

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