Running Google Ads? Don’t Forget About SEO.

Whether yours is a budding business or an established brand, you are likely aware of the advantages of promoting your corner of the internet to enhance brand authority, gain valued customers and be as visible and accessible as possible. In fact, you may already be a step ahead by running Google Ads.


One of the most attractive benefits of running Google Ads campaigns is that your ad is visible at exactly the right time to the searcher trying to find what you have to offer. With its versatility, timeliness and pay-per-click features, Google Ads are a surefire way of marketing your products or services as effectively as possible. However, this is only part of a well-rounded digital marketing strategy. When you’re on top of your Google Ads game, it’s wise not to overlook the power of good SEO. Here’s why.


What tapping into SEO can do for you


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of populating your website with content that increases your site’s visibility to search engines and users. So, when a user types a particular key phrase into the search box, it produces results that most closely match the key phrase that was used. As a result of good SEO, the websites that are optimised with content containing this key phrase, and are considered to be most relevant by search engines, will appear first in the search engine results pages (SERPs).


Besides that, it is growing in importance due to brands’ drastic shift to digital inclusion. Here is a range of powerful benefits that accompany a great SEO strategy:


  • Dominate organic search results. SEO allows for your website to be more visible online in organic search results which means that your brand is considered to be credible by Google ensuring that you are as accessible as possible, which, in turn, increases your website traffic.
  • Gain site authority as it establishes trust and credibility. When a site’s SEO foundation is strong, it gleans authority from search engines. This takes time to establish and includes incorporating and managing several additional factors, such as optimised content and on-page elements, and more. Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to gaining authority, though it will do wonders for your brand if you do.
  • Put user experience at the forefront. Good-quality SEO is paired with optimal user experience of your site. Google values user experience greatly and wants to provide its customers with relevant results as quickly as possible. Leveraging this goal can enhance your site’s quality overall.
  • Reap all the benefits with a cost-effective tool. SEO is a marketing investment that can add notable value to your brand’s bottom line, and it is affordable to implement.


High-quality SEO cannot be overlooked as it adds value to various aspects of your digital presence. Besides the above, it is constantly evolving, allowing your brand to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to advancements in search; it has a positive impact on the buying cycle; while integrating your SEO strategy with your PR strategy will increase your brand’s reach and boost awareness; data is measurable and quantifiable allowing you to evaluate its effectiveness; and quality SEO will ensure that you are on page 1 of Google’s SERPs – a space that you have to occupy if you want to be seen.


But what does this have to do with my Google Ads campaigns?


The long list of advantages of a solid SEO foundation may seem clearer to you now, but still how is this all related to Google Ads?


While Google Ads are especially effective in showing your ads to potential consumers at exactly the right time in their search journey, it has little bearing on your organic rankings. Ultimately, Google Ads and SEO address different goals and objectives and can’t be used interchangeably to achieve one result.


SEO allows you to be as visible as possible online ensuring that your brand is easily found, but it is a long-term strategy, while Google Ads allows for more immediate reach and flexibility in terms of customisation. It is an effective short-term strategy to bring customers to your door.


In sum, your digital marketing strategy is most comprehensive and inclusive if it contains Google Ads and SEO, allowing you to address several objectives while having solutions in place for both the short and the long term.


Here is where an expert in Google’s various digital marketing tools can empower your brand by harnessing the best of Google’s solutions and tailoring them to suit your business’s objectives all the while staying focused on your bottom line and driving increased ROI. iLEAD et al – Google Premier Partner and established leader in the digital marketing landscape – can assist you with a well-rounded, bespoke service to boost your brand’s shift to digital. Get in touch with us today to find out more.  

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