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Performance Max – The Cutting Edge of Google Campaigns


Nowadays, we, the population at large, are distracted, and who can blame us? By interacting and engaging in the digital world, we are bombarded by a variety of devices, apps, online platforms, and activities. Anything from fitness trackers to mobile games consumes significant periods of our time.


In an age where information is constantly sifted through and consumed, the demand for marketers and businesses to remain competitive and be distinctive is more pressing than ever. Luckily, the cutting edge of digital technology wields the best of machine learning and automation to introduce single ad campaigns that can do it all for you. Introduce Performance Max – an innovative and comprehensive Google ad campaign solution.


This month, Google’s Smart Shopping and Local campaigns will be upgrading to Performance Max, giving you the same foundational features of the former, while allowing you access to more ad formats and inventory. Let’s explore what’s on offer with this new tool.


The Power of Machine Learning and Automation at Your Fingertips


Performance Max campaigns streamline your ads across all of Google’s channels into one do-it-all campaign that focuses on your marketing goals and does the legwork for you by reaching your target audience when and where it matters most. What makes it extra special is the fact that you can access the full range of Google’s ad platforms, including YouTube, Search, Display and Gmail, from only one campaign.

Performance Max campaigns take a combination of your business’s creative assets, including text, images and videos, and, with machine learning, generate unique and captivating ads that are presented to consumers across various Google channels and are optimised for those channels in line with your goals. Through automated bidding, it focuses on achieving a single goal within a set budget in real-time.

Through the input of first-party data (collected directly from your customers), Performance Max can facilitate the process of finding more customers and aiding in unlocking new customer segments that you had not previously considered tapping into. As such, you are not only reaching a high-value audience, but also expanding your reach to new, and unexpected, consumer segments.


Performance Max Has Much to Offer


With this tool, Google has taken huge strides in making the management and running of ad campaigns as hassle-free as it can be – obvious benefits that result from employing innovative automation technology.


In addition, the list of advantages that Performance Max campaigns hold is long:

  • It is dedicated to your goal. Performance Max ensures that your campaigns are focused on a specific goal. Thus, if you set a particular target at the start of such a campaign, you will soon revel in the results.
  • It opens up access. To leverage all of Google’s ad platforms in one campaign, this tool offers access to more marketers and businesses to use the full range of Google’s ad channels. Previously, this would have come at a very high cost and would, therefore, not have been as freely available.
  • It discovers new customer segments. Performance Max’s ability to use creative asset combinations to explore and discover new customer segments will likely produce conversions from unexpected audiences.
  • It gets you fast results. Automatic targeting and ad optimisation happen faster and with greater accuracy, allowing you to see quick results.


How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck


Indeed, there’s much that this innovative tool can offer, but when it gets down to it, the big question is whether it will deliver on your budget. The simple answer is “yes, it will”. But it may need some initial support to kickstart the process.

Work done upfront, including defining conversion goals, pinpointing marketing objectives, knowing which audience segment to target, determining the targeted spend, creating calls to action and more, constitute the initial setup of your Performance Max campaign. By laying a firm foundation, Performance Max can perform optimally.


In addition, limiting cost per acquisition, return on ad spend, geographical locations, audience demographics and others will ensure that your budget is used wisely to deliver the results that you were aiming for.


If putting your business at the forefront of digital marketing innovation and reaping the benefits thereof are exciting prospects to you, let Google Premier Partner, iLEAD et al’s Google ads experts lead the way in setting up and managing your Performance Max campaigns so that you can rest assured that your investment will yield amazing results. Contact us to learn more at

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