Location Based Search

Through the innovative use of location-based search strategies and a smart mix of digital marketing elements, iLEAD et al can place your business on the screens of potential customers… all within the vicinity of your physical location, thereby translating your online marketing efforts into offline success.

User data in South Africa shows that an incredible 78% of mobile searches for a product or service result in a purchase. Furthermore, a significant 46% of these searches are local in nature. With statistics like this, it only stands to reason that if your company is not showing up in these searches, you are missing out on business.

Knowing where your target audience is allows you to talk to them and engage them. And if your target audience knows where you are, they are more likely to become your customers or clients. Location-based search is what allows you to make this two-way interaction happen.

What Is Location-Based Search?

The power and reach of digital marketing tools are undeniable. But how much does it help a local company that does their business offline? Location-based search harnesses the power of digital marketing and makes it relevant and valuable to local businesses.

It allows individuals in your area who search using keywords related to your business to find you. The more relevant your business and your location is to them, the more likely they are to support your company.

iLEAD et al makes use of Location Bank – a central database that plugs into the world’s largest mapping companies, websites, social media sites and apps, including Facebook, Apple Maps, WhatsApp, Google My Business, and more – to ensure that your company has 100% accurate and consistent location data across your entire digital landscape.

Our team of digital experts also optimises your location pages to ensure that you show up in relevant searches that are done locally. This ensures that searchers in your area can find you online and then do business with you offline. It also makes it more manageable for you to respond to reviews and Q&As on Google.

Location-based search and search engine optimisation are merely two great features in the expansive digital toolkit of the iLEAD et al team. Partnering with us will give you access to a dedicated team consisting of an Account Manager, Digital Campaign Manager, and access to specialised copywriters and creatives to create a digital footprint that is focussed on achieving your unique business goals.

No More Lost Customers and Fruitless Marketing Efforts

If you want to stand out from the crowd and grow your business success, incorporate location-based search into your digital marketing strategy to make sure you connect with your customers both online and offline.


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