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Stay Ahead of the Competitor Curve with YouTube Advertising.

The rise of YouTube has not gone unnoticed by the world’s online population, and, with it, the popularity of video has been reaffirmed. Businesses can no longer avoid the necessity of YouTube advertising to stay ahead of their competitors.


It shouldn’t take much convincing that this platform is the place to be when you consider that it’s the second most popular search engine on the Internet at present. With 2.1 billion active users monthly and 70% of viewers making purchases after encountering a brand on YouTube, this channel is an irrefutable potential goldmine for smart marketers. Still, with such an impressive list of positive facts and statistics, it is also a dog-eat-dog environment that should be navigated strategically and with intent precisely because all eyes will be on you.



YouTube Advertising – Why You’re Not There Already



Placing your business in front of a mass of potential consumers is an exciting prospect indeed. However, like anyone, you too have fallen victim to the inevitable content rabbit hole while viewing YouTube videos. So, you are all too familiar with the vast expanse of YouTube content available. Still, even though it is a highly competitive playing field, it is also worth it to participate.  



Why Your Business Should be on YouTube



Regardless of the overwhelming amount of content on this platform, it is also your brand’s portal to a long list of benefits, including appearing on a more visual level to your potential customer base.



  • Connecting with your ideal target audience

With the amount of time viewers spend on YouTube, it just makes sense that you can gain more direct access to your chosen target audience. The key is to profile your audience with precision and accuracy. Know who you are producing ad content for and make sure that it is relevant to them.



  • Engaging with your audience

It has been proven severalfold that audiences prefer to watch videos than read text. They also tend to retain information better when they view it. This allows them to engage with your advert more actively and view and share it more rigorously. YouTube content is often shared by viewers to other online platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, among others, instantly upping your audience’s engagement with your brand’s visuals.



  • Discovering a new audience

Your business’s presence on YouTube increases its visibility to current and new customers alike. Not only does your ad appear to them at the exact moment that it is relevant, but they also have the opportunity to instantly engage with your content. This convenience at their fingertips translates into more conversions and an increased ROI for your business. And, with an ever-growing viewership, you can enjoy the benefit of tapping into a massive audience base.



Tips to Establish Your Brand’s Presence on YouTube 



Though the benefits of YouTube advertising are ample, it may be difficult for a business to kickstart its YouTube journey the right way. Here are a few considerations to set you on the right course to get started:

  • Start with a strategy that stands out from those of your competitors.
  • Consider content types and ad formats based on your marketing goals.
  • Target your audience very carefully. YouTube offers you excellent control over choosing who sees your content.
  • Don’t overcomplicate video production. Instead, make sure that the content tells a compelling story.
  • Add interactive elements and call-to-actions to enhance your audience’s engagement options with your ad.
  • Make sure your brand name and logo are clearly visible in your ad as often as possible.
  • If possible, test a few different video creatives for your ad to see which one resonates the most with your audience.
  • Include the most important information in the first five seconds of your ad where it cannot be missed and sparks viewers’ interest.

Be an Online Marketing Frontrunner – Advertise on YouTube



With the long list of benefits and proven returns that fuel the popularity of YouTube as one of the preferred online advertising platforms at present, your business will only fall behind if it doesn’t occupy a space on this platform. Contact us at iLEAD et al today to advise you on the right course of action with your YouTube advertising.  

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